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Hey everyone,

My name is Jasmin and I am a new member of this online community! I hope everyone is doing well or the best they can during these times of uncertainty. I'm currently in South West Sydney so we are currently in a strict lockdown. I work with vulnerable youth so I am considered an essential worker and I'm currently studying psychology, which can be quite intense so I am missing face-to-face classes with my uni friends.

I am excited to engage with people in the forums and hopefully we can all support each other.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Jazminaa,

A very warm and caring welcome to our forums..

Pits lovely to meet you and it’s nice to hear that your wanting to help other here...

I live country NSW and not experienced a strict lockdown, but my children live in the lockdown areas and are still able to work for now....and are finding it very hard, as I think most people would be...

I am sorry your missing face to face classes with uni friends...Hopefully soon COVID will be more controlled and we all can get back to some type of normality....

Hope to see you around these wonderful forums...

My kindest thoughts with care dear Jazminaa..


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Jazmina,

Wellcome to our forums!

I understand your lockdown would be hard………

Sorry you are missing your uni friends, that’s wonderful you are studying psychology……

I think it’s wonderful you are on our forums to help others…….


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey Jazmina, welcome to the forums 🙂

I'm studying psychology also and in lockdown in Western Sydney. Best of luck with your online classes haha. Hopefully you're still keeping in contact with uni friends and people on campus, facetime study sessions have been a big help.

I hope you're practicing good self care during lockdown, and hope you find the forums a safe space to talk about anything and everything - there's always people here to give advice and listen if you need to vent.

Much love.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

HelloJasmin, and welcome to the site.

Working with vulnerable youths can be a pleasure, but can also be unpredictable, but must congratulate you for studying psychology and wonder how far you are into the course.

When I was doing a course at a place that's now called a uni, it was fun discussing certain particulars of this course and seeing what type of reaction different people had, whether we agreed or not was part of learning and we're sure your knowledge will help many people.

Best wishes.