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Need a friend

Community Member

I'm Gary & I suffer from depression. I have joined beyond blue online forum today & hope to get to know people.

I'm very easy going,understanding & sincere & need in my life now interaction & communication with people no matter who they are or where they are from.

thank you

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Community Member

Hi Gary

I joined the forum yesterday for similar reasons, It took me a great deal of courage to put myself out there, not sure if that was the same for you,I hope we all get what we need from places like this and I wish you the best,


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Gary and Rainbowpolly,

Welcome to you both!

I'm really glad that you decided to join and I hope that you find what you're looking for here.

Long long time user here, so feel free to ask any questions! I'm going to link to the BB Social Zone which has lots of threads just for chatting and connecting with others; there's lots of people in the same boat just wanting someone to connect with. 🙂



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Gary and Rainbowpolly..

I would like to also welcome you both to our very caring Beyond Blue Forums...

There are some really helpful threads on these forums..I hope you both can get a lot of help from the hundreds of different topics available here....

My kindest thoughts with my care..

It really is lovely to meet you both..