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My life Experiences

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Hi my names Leigh and im recently new here. I just wanted to introduce myself. Im not sure bout this but im putting myself out there in the hope I can meet other like minded people like myself. Anyway ill leave it there for now I would really love to meet new people.
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Leigh and welcome to the forum. Thank you for putting yourself out there and writing a comment. What would you like to talk about?


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Leigh,

Wellcome to our forums!

We are all a lovely bunch on this forum please feel you can chat to us about anything 😊

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Leigh, can we offer you a warm welcome?

When new people join the site they're never sure where to begin only because they may be hesitant, unsure of what type of reaction they'll receive from those on the site, but all of us have gone through our own type of depression and struggled ourselves for a period of time and suffered the consequences, so we definitely feel the sorrow that you're trying to cope with, so I hope this can make you feel slightly comfortable.

Take your time and start slowly until we can make you feel confident in talking to us and know that this can't just suddenly happen, as there must be much on your mind so easing into it may help you.

Best wishes.


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Hi Geoff, I hope you are keeping well I wanted to thankyou for kind words and making me feel welcome I appreciate it. It is so nice after all this time where I've felt so alone to finally be able to relate to people who gets it and understands. I don't have that support. But starting slowly sounds like a really good idea. Thanks Geoff stay well.

Hi positive vibes thanks for replying to me means alot I hope your keeping well its so nice to finally reach out to people who gets it and understands after feel alone for a very long time. Im so grateful for this opportunity to express myself. I have no doubt it will help me. Thanks

Hi petal thanks for welcoming me to the forums. I hope you are keeping well. It's so nice to be able to reach out to people who understands. I don't have that support. I think ill take things slowly and see how it goes thankyou for replying to me.

Leigh, our forums are an place where you can come and talk about anything. We will not judge you, we are here to help and support you. Each of us champions have been though our own mental health journeys and this is what makes the beyond blue forum special. You are speaking to real people with real experiences. We want to pass on our knowledge of what has worked for us in dealing with experiences or illness. When you feel comfortable, you can speak with us about anything that is bothering you. We are all screens! (Ears). I hope you are doing well and looking after yourself with good nutrition and hydration. They are very important things, keeping our bodys well will assist with positive mind. Our body and mind are connected.