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Meet your community champions!


Hi everyone,


We wanted to share with you the way that our wonderful Community Champions are here to support you.


You may have noticed that a few of our Forums members are labelled ‘Community Champion’. Community Champions are volunteers within the Beyond Blue Forums who:


  • have the time, skills and empathy to support other members regularly;
  • help to welcome new members;
  • are actively engaged members that help set the tone of our community.


Our Community Champions are regular contributors to many conversations across the forums. They are a consistent and friendly voice that have committed to sharing their experience and expertise with this community.


They are not health care professionals or clinicians. Like you, they have an experience with a mental health challenge or diagnosis – either for themselves or someone they care for. This forum is for people who understand what it feels like and have a lived and living experience of mental health challenges. Our Community Champions help everyone feel comfortable and confident by demonstrating what excellent peer support is all about.


Click here to find out more about how you can become a Community Champion!


This incredible team are excited to introduce themselves below, and we are sure you’ll see them around the forums in conversations important to you.

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Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi all,

I joined BB forum recently as a new champ. I have replied several posts, and read some of yours. You guys are so empathetic, patient, supportive, knowledgeable and experienced. I'm so proud to join this community. And I'm ready to contribute.

I have asian background, have worked in many European countries for around 10 years, and moved to Australia in 2018. I'm a human resource professional and have been working in this area all my life. My current role is head of HR of a logistics company in Melbourne. I also have passion in mental health and have completed Certificate IV courses in mental health last year. I'm here with hope to contribute, especially to support people from multicultural background, or with stress at work.

I believe all of you, no matter the great champs, or people seeking help are inspiring. Each of us has our own challenges, but we all have hope for a better life. I feel lucky to be part of the community.


Mark Z.