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Just a quick suggestion

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i had a thought upon coming here. I wanted to call your phone number but I was too nervous as I had no idea what to expect. What if ou put together a short transcript or 2 of a typical conversation on your phone line? It might make it seem a little less daunting if you have already read some similar conversations. Just a thought.


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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Flower_girl, it's nice to have you back on the site.

Can I mention a couple of issues for you to think about; firstly if you want you can post a thread describing what is causing you the trouble; or read other posts where you may learn a few tips; click under 'Resources' and order all the printed material from BB where again there maybe other suggestions; or ring the BB phone number but write down in a brief form what is troubling you, because when you are talking to whoever on the other end, you could get stuck on the first issue on the list that you have in front of you.

The other alternative is to go to your doctor, which you would all ready know, and get the 10 free medical plan which you are entitled to.

A few decisions to decide on, or perhaps you do the whole lot. L Geoff. x

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Flower Girl,

Thanks for the post. You're not alone in feeling too nervous to pick up a phone, that's why we have a number of different ways you can contact our support service. You can send them an email, or use web chat (accessible via the link at the top right of the page).  

As Geoff says you can of course post in the forums here too, although we are not mental health professionals, just people like yourself. 

Many different types of people call our support service each day, with the topics as varied as the different posts you see in the forums here, so I wouldn't say there is any typical call. Each person is different.

Calls to the support service are confidential, so we wouldn't be able to publish transcripts, but reading through the different threads on the forum here should give you an idea of the kinds of issues that people call us about.