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Beyond Blue Facebook page - my post was seen on my facebook friends' newsfeed

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Hi Beyond Blue,

I posted on your Facebook page a cry for help and hours later had my Facebook friends messaging me to say my post appeared on their newsfeed.
Upon finding out I quickly deleted my post despite it containing many comments of support, I didn't get the chance to read them all as I in panic deleted.

I didn't want my post to be shared all over Facebook without me knowing.
Now I feel embarrassed by this all as I did not want people knowing about my struggles.
I don't know who else saw now.

Is there anyway to ensure this does not occur again as I would rather reach out on Facebook but would prefer that it is not shown on everyone's newsfeeds.

Thank you.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi MisterM,

Thanks for your question, I've moved it here to forum feedback as it's a question for beyondblue rather than a topic about depression.

It's important to remember that Facebook is a public space. While you have control over what content you share with your friends on your own wall, whenever you post on the public page of a business or any other organisation, that content can be seen by anyone who uses Facebook.

It's a bit like ringing talkback radio or asking a question in the audience at a TV chat show - it's being broadcast everywhere, and never know who might be watching or listening.

Just as your friends can see what TV shows or movies you've liked on Facebook, they can also see your other activity. 

Sorry to hear you've had this experience. I hope you understand that as Facebook is an external website, we have no control over how the platform operates and shows content to its users. As with anything on the internet, the responsibility of ensuring privacy around what information is shared lies with the user.

We do explain on our Facebook page that it is not a counselling service, helpline or crisis service. For that, we have a 24-hour support service on 1300 22 4636. 

If you're wanting to talk anonymously, then we'd recommend you come to the forums here - that's why this space has been set up. 

Hope this clears things up.

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hi MisterM another hing you could do if you wanted to post on the fb page without people you know knowing what is going on is make a fb page just to post to bb with a different name, i do personally have a different name fb but not so much for that as most people i know know what my other fb name is but it could work good for you getting the support from the fb page anonymously 

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I have just noticed this here, I assumed it wasn't published.

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your suggestion gibby.