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Is it normal to feel anxious when starting a new job

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Very recently I have started a new job doing what I love working with children. I haven't worked in almost a year and a half. I love this new centre, the boss is amazing!

But, now my anxiety, depression and Aspergers are making me feel like I can't cope.

I'm after some advice, tips, anything that will help me cope and help ease the anxiety of a new job.

Thank you 🙂

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Community Champion

Hello tvshowgirl101,

Congratulations on the new job! I imagine it must be nice to be working again especially with a great boss.

I understand you are finding it a bit tough and I'm sad to hear you feel like you aren't coping.

Do you mind if I ask what you are finding tough in the new job?

Personally, I've not changed jobs very much but I understand there could be a lot of challenges like needing to learn a lot of new things, getting to know new people, dealing with worry about not being good enough, or even just adapting to a new routine.

It'd be lovely to keep talking to you and hear what you are finding tough.


Hey James, thank you for responding

I think what I'm finding tough is, adapting to a new routine, and getting to know new people, I'm a shy person. My Asperger's makes it tough for me to be comfortable around new people as I struggle socially.

Do you have any advice or tips to calm my nerves?

Thank you



starting a new routine and a new job can be difficult.

with new people I try to learn one new name at a time and may be

think of a question to ask them.

if you can establish a new routine with new job would that help.

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Hey tvshowgirl101!

I also work with children in before and after school care and when I first started in my workplace just over a year ago I felt really shy around my co-wokers. For a long time I had these stories in my head that I was telling myself like "my co-workers don't like me" or "my boss doesn't think I'm good at my job" which was not a reflection of reality at all. It can also be really hard to connect with the people you're working with when your attention is constantly demanded by the kids you're caring for haha.

I really focussed on getting to know all the kids and developing relationships with them. I felt safest around the kids and that led to me feeling more secure and confident because I had these little munchkins begging to play with me or colour in a picture with me. Building these relationships with the kids helped me to feel more safe to be myself around my co-workers, and one of the best ways to connect with them was to share stories about the funny and outrageous things the kids say and do!