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Introducing myself

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Hello, I'm Stuart. Originally from London but now living in Sydney. I'm struggling with high anxiety at the moment. I'm trying to keep it in check with mindfulness, meditation, walking and eating healthy but I do find myself doom scrolling too much and getting myself in a state of panic. I would say I have constant levels of anxiety all the time. I am lucky to have a wonderful wife and two cats.
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear CI...

I like to hear that you are trying so hard and are very pro active with your self care to help your anxiety...

I think one of the worse things anyone can do is to consult Dr. Google....I would like to gently urge you to, make an appointment with your GP, and have a talk to him about how your anxiety is effecting you.....

Having a supportive wife or love on, is a great help and support for your mental health...

Ah 2 little cats...I have the opposite, 2 little dogs, They help me in so many different ways, especially with distracting my anxious thoughts....It just me and my 2 fur girls...

We have a mindfulness thread on here, that you might find interesting, you can maybe learn some new ways to be mindful or you might be able to help others there find mindfulness hard....Thread Title is...Mindfulness what is it...

Talk here anytime you feel up to it..

My kindest thoughts dear CI....so sorry for the name shortening...I can’t bring myself to call you by your full forum name...


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Stuart,

Welcome, i hope you find the forums a safe and comforting space. we are all here to support you!

i am sorry you have been experiencing anxiety, but it is good that you have some coping mechanisms and grounding methods. it is good to hear that you have a great wife and two kids.

have you seen a professional about your anxiety? this really helped me. you can start by seeing your GP.

i hope things improve,


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey Stuart thank you for posting and welcome

Im sorry for what your experiencing, I'm glad to hear that you meditate and practice meditation
Have you thought about seeing someone regarding what your going through?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi CockneyIdiot,

Im sorry you are feeling this way.

I understand anxiety at high levels can be really hard to manage on your own….. some times we need a little help to get it under control.

I have a lived experience of severe anxiety OCD.

Ive now recovered thanks to the help I received from health professionals.

Please stop googling I use to do this aswell until I was made aware it was a compulsion of mine and was only making things worse.

Have you thought about seeing your gp to discuss how your feeling and how anxiety is affecting your life?

Im glad you have a supportive wife and cats.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Stuart, I want to agree with Grandy on her comment about Dr. Google, it's something I suppose we all use, but at times it gives us information that may not be correct, or we talk ourselves into believing what we read, so it can be a trap because our minds might be in a suggestive mood and perhaps at times mindfulness and meditation can extrapolate what we've read on the net to believe it's something to explore, so if I can say just be careful.

Types of anxiety have many different trigger points, these are what you need to know how and why with the help of someone who knows and can provide answers and ask you the questions that may be evading you.

This is a good way to handle your anxiety and if you ask your doctor about the 'mental health plan' this will entitle you to 10 Medicare paid sessions with a psych. per year, although during this current period your doctor can suggest more sessions to be paid by Medicare, but you will need to ask your doctor.

Best wishes.