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Introducing myself... Having Bipolar

Community Member

Hi, This is my first time to any forum.

I am 49 and was diagnosed with Bipolar late last year as I was crashing from a major manic episode which lasted for many months. I am starting to understand myself more. Am happy to know what I "have" because I have felt different my whole life and in the 70's, there wasn't available diagnostics or mental health support that we have now.

I don't have a psychologist at the moment. Feeling like I need to converse with people who are afflicted by Bipolar- people who understand. Can't use Facebook...it triggers me too much when I am not well.

I am taking medications and am working on adjusting the quantity and time of ingestion so that I am not constantly sleepy or brain- fogged.

Thankyou 🙂

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi welcome

Some community champions like myself have bipolar so you won't be alone here. There is a regular thread here called "this bipolar life", keep watch for it in the first few pages of the forum or use search bar. Feel free to introduce yourself there.

We breach rules by mentioning brands of medications however you can mention "mood stabilizers" for example. Being peer group advisors we talk from experience with zero or near zero medical expertise but we know our knowledge goes a long way in filling gaps between appointments and we are open 24/7/365.

Is there any areas of your life you think bipolar is adversely affecting you or your relationships?


Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome CazQ to the forum.

I too have bipolar and was diagnosed over 47 years ago as a teenager.

In realise I dont know anyone with bipolar so it is good to know people here who have bipolar.

As Tony said you are most welcome to have a look at This bipolar life. Everyone is friendly there and welcoming .