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Community Member
I need someone to talk to...
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Welcome _hey_

I am here if you would like to share how you are feeling today and what is going on for you.

I am really proud you have reached out to have some conversation and some support.

You can share as much as you feel comfortable to today, I am here.

Hugs to you


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello _Hay_..

We would like to warmly welcome you to the forums...

It’s hard sometimes to put into words or type..how you are feeling...That’s okay Dear Hey...We are here for you, when you feel up to talking...If your anxious about posting your feelings that’s okay..we can talk about whatever you feel up to talking about....then later on when you maybe feel more comfortable and only if you want to..you might feel like sharing a little of what’s brought you here..to this wonderful BB community...

My care and kind wishes..