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Hey Ya'll. :D New comer here!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hey everyone. Thought I would post a little something to get started. As someone who has experienced both depression and severe anxiety amongst a few other things, I'm excited to explore beyond Blue as well as get involved wherever I can. For me it’s been a bumpy journey but I am someone who miraculously came out on the other side and I did it alone. This was a sub-conscious knowing inside myself that even though the feelings and thoughts were unbearable at times, giving up was not an option. I knew without knowing (and I know that doesn't make much sense) that my life had a purpose and MY BEING deserved as much love and respect as ANYONE on this planet. There was a warrior inside of me that ALWAYS existed, but because of society and my surroundings, that warrior was ignored. I won’t say that I still don't have challenging days, I'm human. However, due to my own heart aching for justice certain things took place that finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me. I am now able to turn to that warrior inside of me whenever I need support. I guess what I'm trying to say is regardless of the intensity of your struggles, (and when I say intensity I don't use that word casually. I know what it feels like to want to rip open your own body to breathe. To feel like you’re drowning when other people are around you. To watch as everyone seems to skip through life except you and all you can think about is when will it all end... trust me I know) BUT when you start allowing yourself to listen to that inner warrior, you won’t need to be afraid anymore. You will find that everything you've been searching for is already inside of you. I won’t go into every single detail as much as I would love to, but like I said I'm so excited to be involved and connect with other people to grow, share, and hopefully inspire. I am studying youth work online at the moment and looking for volunteer/placement work within beyond blue, so I'm very excited to keep checking back and see when spots become available. ANYWAY, hope that this is an ok start to my journey with beyond blue.  I look forward to chatting with others and meeting some awesome new people.  Lots of love. MickeyD
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Dear Mickey

Hello and welcome to Beyond Blue. That is an heroic journey you have taken. Congratulations! It is great to have positive stories on BB and I hope you keep it up.

I understand about your inner warrior. I find my inner fighter gets very downhearted at times and wants to surrender. I wish I knew how stay motivated and strong but this is the problem for all of us. The Black Dog gets a grip and will not let go.

You had a good start by always being sure that your life had a purpose and you deserved as much love and respect as anyone else. That is one of the biggest hurdles for people with depression for all sorts of reasons. Just by admitting their depression leaves them open to put downs. When fail to understand the depressed person starts to believe their illness is imaginary. And at the same time the depression is pressing down on them, reinforcing all the bad press, eating away motivation and scrambling the ability to think. Sounds like one of Dante's circles of hell.

So I am pleased to have you aboard. I hope you can stay awhile.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey Mary. Nice to meet ya and cheers for the reply.

Thank you I appreciate that. The exciting thing is that the journey is never over. I'm lucky to be in a strong head space during this next chapter of my life.

Its at times like this that people are able to give back their experience and flip it into something beautiful for someone else.

For me, my way of feeding my soul and my inner warrior is by truley listening to myself. I think often times then not the world and situations around us can become so over whelming especially when there are people who are closely involved in our lives that aren't necessarily on our team. Makes it difficult. I've experienced and still am experiencing people who have intent to bring out a different side of me for their own weird and messed up reasons, or people who just want to use me. Its hard to stay sane and to keep yourself centered. Music for me as an example is my escape. Since I was really young its always been a massive passion of mine. I write, record, perform and just tune out and escape to this different world and it just soothes my soul.

More then anything you have to 100% put yourself first, and its not a selfish thing to do either. You cant help anyone or be there for anyone unless YOU are on point and healthy body, mind and soul. For those who cant understand that or give you are hard time for it are the ones you have to be careful of, because at the end of the day someone who truley loves you will always accept the unacceptable even if it hurts them in the process.

Always listen to your intuition, always remember that it's OK if people don't understand you. Their not supposed to. We are here for reasons bigger then the dark thoughts that run through out mind. Much bigger.

That thought alone gives me so much strength.

🙂 xx


Community Member

Hello Mickey

I found your post so inspiring. we do all have that inner warrior in ourselves we tend to not listen to but the fighter in ones self to face each day is a challenge but it can be done. 

Everyday I feel blessed but I fight for me and listen to inner strength. we are all human and even on the off days it's believing In ourselves that there's more to all of us.

great to hear your Involvement in youth work. A lot of issues start when we're young. sometimes its hard express yourself as a youth.

For me over years it's battle but I learn and grow for It.

first time on this forum felt relieved to know that the struggles In ones journey Is not a lonely one.

keep it up we need inspiring people. I myself am learning and we bracing that.