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Hey, I'm new here.

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I'm in senior high school right now and it's about 1 am currently, just created an account to see what's up and thinking about whether I should post here or not. It could just be my sleep-deprived brain talking but, here I am. I've currently got a fairly positive outlook on life right now but part of me feels like I need to say something. Perhaps it's just boredom after doing nothing but working and studying extensively to get on top, of my schedule, who knows. Just here to stop by, I might use this later, maybe not, but I'm here.
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Pale K, and welcome to the forums, sometimes we know that when people post their first comment they are slightly reluctant on what they feel they should say, that's totally understandable and we accept that, but please don't worry, every comment is taken sincerely and thank the person and in this case, it's you we really want to thank.

Going through high school there are so many different issues that does confront a person, not knowing what the future does entail, their careers, friendships and whether they are good or you're having difficulty with and future relationships that may develop to create your own family.

All of these are so important but at times we are unsure of which direction we should take, maybe the obvious or perhaps we want to open a door that we don't know what's behind it, so it would be great if you could come back and talk with us, about anything you want to discuss, and please don't be worried, we're here to discuss any issue you want to talk about.

Take care.