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Hi...I'm a person who has gone through chronic stress for many many years (though I didn't know it at the time), running my own business, and then afterward, to then crash into burnout and depression. That journey hit the lowest depths back in 2021. 2 years on and through applied habits and changing how I live I'm happy to say things have turned around. My experience was that what I fed my body, mind and brain has helped in this journey, and if I can help 1 person on this forum, or simply listen, then that is why I'm here.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Andrew


Welcome to the forums. Thank you for being willing to share your story. I recommend you navigate the various threads on the forums and reply to any posts that resonate with you. I would also recommend against using you full name as your username for privacy reasons. Hope to see more of you on the forums and thanks again for helping.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Andrew,


Thank you for being here, your experience will be invaluable and insightful for everyone. It is inspiring to see that you want to use your experiences to help others, so thank you.


I look forward to reading your future contributions.


Jaz 🙂 

Thanks, Bob


Yes, I did read that after I had set things up, regarding my name. I did try and change it, though struggling to find how I do that! 




Hi Andrew,


No worries. It seems like you found out how to change it which is good. You can always send any reports or requests to our mod team who are very prompt and helpful. 🙂 I hope you are finding the forums helpful and that you've been able to connect with people so far.



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Hi Andrew,


thank you for sharing your story and reaching out to others offering assistance, it’s a kind thing to do.


I am recovering from burnout. I have been off work one year now. Initially, I had a break down, loads of tears, my body was super tensed all the time, anxiety/overwhelm was on a hair trigger..but that was at the start. Now, I can go out to shops for short periods of time, nothing too crowded or crazy though, can be mildly active, and eat a clean diet as normal(I like to keep fit) I still get muscle tension and random crying spells which frustrate me…and this is my question..did you experience this at all? also, how long until you felt normal again? 
Any info would be great and appreciated. Thankyou again. 

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Andrew_G

It's a pleasure to see how you've worked through your stress, burn out & deparession, learning so much during the last two years. I'm sure with your experiences & understanding, you will be able to support & encourage others who are strugglingwith these same or similar problems in their lives.

I wonder, can you point to a few of the most important things you learned or did over the last two years which you tink have been most beneficial to you?

Hugzies, & well done.


Hello Johnny_

Well done, you too, recovering as much as you have in a year. What you've gone through sounds so difficult to bear, but you have. Sure it takes a while, & I'm sure you'd like to be improving quicker. I suspect that is something we all can relate to. Your burn-out didn't occur overnight, so I suspect recovery takes a while too.

Be patient & kind to yourself.

For myself, I've had to get used to & accept that sometimes I will cry. Initially I hated it. I still don't like it, mostly because it is so messy, & stuffs up my nose so much. I had felt so frustrated with crying, too, especially when it simply was not convenient. So, yeah, I have had to learn to allow it. I'm still allowed to grumble, while I grab my tissue box.

It does get better. I cry much less frequently now. I also can identify why I am crying & understand very much more, so I can be kinder to myself when I do. I have learned what I cry about is not trivial, nor to be brushed aside as if it is. It's okay now

Also, several months ago, I incorporated exercise & a healthier food choices. Recently, I have begun to feel I am really benefitting from these changes in the way I live.



Hi MeKitty,


thankyou soo much for your reply, I certainly feel less alone now and feel better knowing this is just part of my recovery. I still can’t wait until the muscle tension/ anxiety/ crying spells go away…then I’ll be normal again lol. 

it sounds like you have a good handle on things and have accepted it’s just part of it. I think I have too as well, it just sucks.


Like you, I remain active making sure I don’t over do it and eat a clean diet. I guess in time our health will be back to normal.


the hard part is my friends are a bit distant as they don’t know how to respond to this..so I really do appreciate your words.


take care.