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HELP..Am I posting in the right section?

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Welcome to those who are considering posting for the very first time, welcome.

Thought I would repost part of the words that Chris B posted awhile ago, (2014) as I can hear that people are unsure if they are posting in the right section or worried that they are posting "the wrong thing".

1.A good title makes the difference
Just like a headline in a newspaper, when scanning the dozens of threads to click into, it’s only natural that people will choose the ones that resonate with them most. A title that entices the reader, or asks a question, is likely to get a better result than something non-descriptive like “Depression” or “I don't know what to do”. If you think you’re not good at choosing titles, leave it till last. Spend time writing your post, then perhaps choose a sentence from what you’ve written as the title.

2.Join in threads that have already been posted
We all have our own unique stories, but part of the reason for joining a forum like this one is because you know that you will have a lot in common with others who are posting. Before starting a new thread, have a look through the current topics being discussed and see if there’s a conversation you can join in with. It can be quite common to have a handful of very similar threads happening at any one time, with members seemingly unaware that there are others right there who are going through the same thing. Talking to other members on their threads is a great way of getting yourself known so that when you post a thread of your own, people may respond quicker because they recognize your name.

3.Choose the most appropriate section for your post
Many people browse the forums looking for stories specifically to do with pregnancy and parenting, employment, grief, loss, separation etc. Going straight for the “Depression” section may seem like the easiest option, but this section is often the busiest, so your post is more likely to get lost among the threads. Making good use of the different forum sections not only helps keep the forum relevant, but you’re more likely to find others who are going through the same experiences as you. Also, if you're wanting to discuss issues of trauma, abuse, suicidal thoughts or self-harm, it's really important you post in the designated section to avoid triggering others who may not wish to read about these topics.

Mostly..just come and chat, we are here for you. Our amazing wizards in the background will see your message ends up in the right spot.


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Community Member

hi there, for some reasone i am only able to reply to posts and im unable to post my own can anyone help?

Hi Shiama, 
We're sorry to hear you are having trouble making your own post. 
If you click on a section, for example 'welcome and orientation' - are you able to see the button 'new thread' at all? 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Shiama

Sophie_M has explained it all in more detail here (with pictures:)


Hope that helps, I'll look out for your post


Community Member
Ohh! thanks for your advice I am looking forward to having a good time with this community and learn new things.

Welcome to you and look forward to sharing in your journey here.


I have dyslexia and can’t understand a lot about how things work . I am not even sure my message is on the right spot . I have social anxiety and terrified of making a fool of myself all the time . I am off work at the moment because of it . I am looking on here to see I am not alone because often I feel like a burden and alone .

Hey Brendizzle,

Wishing you a warm welcome to the forums, we're so grateful that you decided to reach out here. We know it can be a bit tricky to navigate these forums, but please know that you are not alone here- this is a safe space for you to express yourself, and our community are here to help support you through this.

If you find it helpful, you might like to check out our FAQ guide on how to start a new thread, which also has some pictures as a guide here: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/welcome-and-orientation/the-forum-faq-thread... By starting a new thread, you can expand on your thoughts and feelings, and our community will be able to offer you support, advice and coversation to help you through this difficult time.  

We hope that you find some comfort in the words of kindness and support that our friendly community can offer.

Hi Brendizzle

You have done a wonderful job in posting and I am so happy to meet you.

I am so sorry you suffer from social anxiety, I have no idea how terrifying and how alone that must feel but there are others here that do, so many others and you will see some of their posts too, so you will very well know you are most certainly not alone, you are not the only one and there is support.

Sophie_M has given you some tips too and if you feel like you want to share how you are feeling here, what you are doing through and if there is something specific you want to talk about, we are here, to listen and to give you some comfort.

It is not easy reaching out so I think you are very brave for doing so.

Hope to chat some more to you Brendizzle



Community Member
Hello, I'm lost. Haven't got in touch with anyone.Dont know if this is the right section. Had a few contacts, but it's all vanished. A bit confused