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Hello to yourself, it can be awkward for people to be uncertain about what to say or how much they should disclose to people they don't know, well briefly it's anonymous, nobody knows who you are, and even if you mention your condition and think that any family and/or friends will know who is posting, then please don't worry, we have many people with similar troubles and it would be difficult to semise who is posting.

Just start slowly so then we can begin to help you.


Summer Rose
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Help don’tknowwhattocallmyself

Welcome to the bb forum.

Please know that you have arrived at a place of non-judgemental support, a safe place to share what’s on your mind.

Many people write about their mental health journeys, seeking support and guidance along the way. Some people vent. Still others are looking for connection or alternative views on a specific issue or challenges they are encountering.

When you are ready, we look forward to learning about what brought you here and offering our support.

Kind thoughts to you

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Hi there,

Welcome to the forums. We are here ready to help you, we have all been there and done that.

I look forward to talking with you and learning your story.

Jaz xx

Mark Z.
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Welcome to the forum.

We are ready to listen and help. No need to be nervous or have pressure. When you feel comfortable, you can share your story and challenge.

Many of us here have various types of mental challenges, anxiety, depression and etc. it’s ok not to be ok, and it is the reason of our online community’s existence.

Hope you’ll get better.