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Hello & a short intro

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Hi Everyone, I am very happy to have found a forum where I can share my feelings with others who are having similar struggles. 2 years ago I had never thought that I would be struggling with things such as depression and other serious mental health problems but here I am now. I have been talking about it with my GP who put me in contact with a therapist who I've been visiting about once a month for like 18 months now. I have also had 1 appointment with a bulk billed tele-psychiatrist but I wasn't happy with how that went. I am waiting to see a Dr who specilises in ADHD that is a possibility but I have been waiting for such a long time now as he's busy. I have had symptoms of ADHD most of my life but more recently I have started to show a lot of Bi Polar behavior ( i did a BP questionair on black dog's site and scored fairly high). I am now at risk of losing my job of seven years. I want to leave anyways but don't want to be fired I want to find another job first. I know that sound like a bit of a rant but it pretty accurately describes where I'm at without going into it too much. I am looking forward to chatting with you all. Much Love.


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Welcome to the forum and thanks for your first post and introducing yourself so,clearly.

It can come as a surprise nwhen you don’t think you will ever have mental health problems and then later on you do.

It is interesting about the connection with bipolar and ADHD . I have had bipolar for over 40 years but I also have noticed a few similarities with ADHD.

Have you spoken with your doctor about you concerns about bipolar?

Is there anyone at work you trust that you could talk to . Why are you at risk of losing your job?

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Tele psychiatrist?

Once again welcome and I am pleased to meet you.


Hi Quirky,

Thanks for the reply. No I havn't asked my doctor about bi polar yet because I didn't previously think that might have been a possibility but now I am starting to think that it might be so I will bring it up at my next appointment. I don't trust anyone at work but my boss know what I'm going through but don't think he's too sympathetic though.

Yeah, I live in a country area so seeing a psychiatrist via skype is a thing.