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Health anxiety

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Hi there,

1st time poster here

I have been suffering with general anxiety for about 2 years and the last 6 months have been hell as I’m worried I have health issues all the time and can’t seem to stop thinking something bad will happen or I’m going to die, I’ve had every test I can possibly have from ct scans, blood tests, echos, ECG’s the works and all came but ok apart from my ECG but have been to see a cardiologist and he said it’s nothing to worry about and nothing serious

my symptoms change from day to day with dizziness, fatigue, weak legs (jelly legs) muscle pain, nausea and just general worry that something bad is going to happen to me

I had a bad break up 2 years ago and left raising my 2 kids alone I do have support from family but hate asking for help, I used to be so happy and enjoy life now it feels like a struggle most days

dose anyone else feel this way or can relate?

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi LeeAnee,

Your anxiety sounds very distressing, draining and exhausting. I know that anxiety can be debilitating, and that it can really take its toll...

I admittedly don’t personally have health anxiety, but many other people here on the forums have it. So you’re in understanding company here 🙂

I feel that the daily symptoms must be so disorienting and tiring. But I’m relieved you have received the “all clear” for a lot of possible physical causes from your medical team.

I think it’s an interesting coincidence that the onset of your health anxiety was around the same time that you went through a bad breakup. I wonder if maybe there’s a connection there...

I don’t know what it’s like myself, but raising 2 kids alone can’t be easy. I would think that it can also be very lonely at times, especially as you’re not someone who likes to ask for help. It must be hard sometimes...

Seeing as you’ve ruled out a lot of physical reasons for your health symptoms/anxiety, I wonder if maybe you have explored psychological options to help manage your anxiety. For example, I wonder if you have thought about seeking counselling, so you can maybe learn strategies to cope with your anxiety and perhaps even find the root of it (if appropriate). Just a gentle suggestion...

Kindness and care,