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Giving and Receiving Support with Difficult Days

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Hello--- like many here on the beyond blue forums, I too am among the millions who suffer from mental health. So just saying Hello.
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Hello and thank you missep for your postive post Yes, the response has been overwhelming with many encouraging me to the forums. Thank you for your input too 🙂 It really does help where we can contribute and encourage each other if able. It makes our heavy burdens lighter when shared. Many has similar mental health problems yet each is unique to another. What may work for a few, not necessarily work for another. This is what makes it so interesting for various ones expressing themselves in a more simple way so it's easier to understand for those reading. We're all so different and we all have feelings that's so important to us even it's not important to others. Having a variety of volunteers on the beyond blue forums is so beneficial. Thank you.

Hello Croix, I did read your link. Very good. Excellent work! As I've already have mentioned in some of my posts, I have limitations of "how much" I can take on board. Yes, we're ALL volunteers here on the beyond blue forums, some can contribute a lot more than others, however, this doesn't discredit those who can't contribute as much as they would like too. It's really good that You and others Can contribute your time to help those in need. That's fantastic. As mentioned I'm still Both a Student and a Teacher so much of my time is keeping up with my studies so I can help those in need. It's important to keep up with my studies so I know what I'm talking about when helping people with their troubles by giving them some positivity in their life. Balance is the key for me. I've been doing this type of voluntary work for well over 50 years. It's so rewarding. At present I'm in the Staying Well area where I feel rather comfortable. It's helping me to control my own anxiety/depression/ptsd. Will disclose a bit more about myself when ready to do so. Thank you too for your encouragement 🙂 Thank you for reading.With kind regards.

Hello Everyone. Hope you're all doing well. Today I don't feel Dont fit in Anywhere. I feel very down. Got we order as thr night went on. I dont belong anywhere. People can be so insensitive and nasty when I try my very best to be positive with MH issues. There's still so much stigma and discrimination on MH . Those who have a physical health that can be seen always get so much assistance but when it come MH something, it's an illness One don't see, there's very little or no support. People are very quick to criticize or m as ke judgemental remarks as I often can't say it the right way and cine all wrong. Then they think I'm complaining when I'm not. Thtn people tell me off which makes me feel worse. I really hate this anxiety /depression PTSD I suffer with so much. I wish I just hibernate away for a while. No one really cares if I'm around.

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Blue Voices Member
Hi Malaika I agree with you about the stigma around mental health.It is still out there and can be hard to get the support that you need.It is a hard subject to bring up with friends and the reactions we get make us wish we hadn't.You safe on here to talk about your mental health .At least we have sites like this.
Take care,

Hi Malaika,

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been feeling that way today. I agree with you and Matchy69, it is very unfortunate that there is still stigma around mental health. On the other hand I am glad that we have forums such as these that are open and non-judgemental about MH issues. Like you said it can be very challenging because MH is something that often cant be seen externally.

We definitely care that you are around, please continue to reach out as much as you feel comfortable to do so!

Do you have anyone around you to reach out to that you are feeling this way?

Darls, fight the good fight- when the MH is thrown in my face and it does happen, I used the opportunity to show others how strong long term MH patients can be. So, sure have a brake and get strong, but rubbish no one cares!!! Whatever has happened it will pass and you will have learnt something new to add to your skill set. Your smart and you will right your situation.

Hello Matchy, Missep, Amberlite, Croix and All. Thank you for your posts. 🙂 I put a word in for you too it's in the Staying Well. Section - Things Thankful For. Sorry I'm unable to put things into a nutshell of what I'm really going through. I suffer from multiple medical issues for a very long time so after every uncalled for encounter I experience, I'm not as resilient as I used to be so had to cut out lots things in my life so I can function each day reasonably well. Some days I'm in a much brighter mood and can do lots, other days not so good and that's when all my motor skills starts to slow down mainly caused from delayed ptsd depression anxiety. Currently Everything seems to be overlapping, things I've dealt with seemed to have resurfaced. The loss of my papa, mama, my very own blood and flesh is so intense and overwhelming at times. Though they are all gone, now sleeping peacefully. It happened so many years ago yet it seems only yesterday I remember seeing their happy faces, hearing their laughter, showing me things they made at school. Happy memories. They're all gone and I miss them so much. Certain times of the year always gets worse and all those memories just come back. It's like reliving the whole painful event again. Thank you for reading. Take care with kind regards.

Hello to all- grief is difficult and you can take as long as you need to do so, you were lucky to have had nice parents. I hope your situation continues to improve and you right yourself again.

Hello and thank you Amberlite for your gentle caring kind words. 🙂 Yes grieving does has it twists and turns and at given moment there's always a memory of my beloved mama and papa who were well into the mid 90,s before their time came. You mentioned.. "you were lucky to have had nice parents" . Wasn't always the case but I try my very best to remember them for all the good things that they have done. If I start dwelling on all the negative things they did, I would never be able to move forward.

I've never come across a perfect family yet.

Each family has their own issues ..

At times things overlap between the good they did and not do good. I need to move forward. That's the only way I can exist. Stay in the present. Thank you for caring. With kind regards.

Good afternoon Everyone. Would some one please help me how to understand how the beyond blue forums works as I'm not sure what I'm supposed to write. Thank you take care kind regards to All

Hi Malaika,

This is a safe and non-judgmental place where users give and receive support to one another based on their own experience with mental health. We know it can take a bit of time to learn to navigate these forums. In terms of content, so long as your posts abide by the spirit and intent onf the community rules - https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/community-rules - you shouldn't have a problem. 

You might find this thread about forum FAQs helpful: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/welcome-and-orientation/the-forum-faq-thread-