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Finally worked out how to post!!!

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HELP!!!! I don't know where to start I don't know what has caused my anxiety exactly I just want it to go away I'm sick of feeling like the worst is going to happen or the worst is happening to me!!! I have a really great life my husband is awesome we have two beautiful healthy children we have a succeful business which we got handed to us I feel like I'm bragging but I'm not. I didn't have the best child hood actually it was one of those really crap ones and even through my younger years I was always the mum to my siblings which there are 6 of us all together I'm the oldest. I also have another three which are on my fathers side which I'm also the oldest of and they are really normal to an extent as in they have never needed to be so dependant on me the others I have stopped doing it with and I am actually good with the decision I have made. One of my sisters suffers from a mental illness where she has delusions that she has made up in her own head and believes it is real when they are not, she has two children and thinks there is nothing wrong with her. I am now at the stage where I think I have sleeping problems which I don't because I have always been a night owl and have always had irregular sleep patterns. Before kids I worked nights in a pub then after kids it was just typical mum sleep. I could go on but I won't, I'm just over feeling like this....
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Hi leets, welcome,

It isn't so abnormal to get things out of perspective. You need to focus on what thoughts are realistic and discount those ones that aren't. To do this, as I did in 1987 onwards, I needed therapy and some medication.

Don't feel bad about this, be logical.You need assistance.

Read up here on others that have faced the challenges.

Go to the top of this page. Press "all posts". Scroll down to the various sections eg anxiety depression and read up.

Good luck.

Tony WK

Thanks Tony I have started seeing a holistic therapist and have been using rescue remedy as well as the strongest over the counter medication they can give me. I do feel like they are working and next time I feel as bad as I did a couple of days ago I am going to try and run it out. My rational thoughts do kick in I just need to find a way to keep the in rational ones out, there have been a lot of posts on here that I have read and replied to that have helped me sense and calmed me. I myself love to talk and hear others thoughts on things so thank you so much for your reply it helps a lot πŸ™‚

Can I get thoughts on Rescue Remedy?

Does it work?

Yeh it's really good for taking edge of it takes about ten minutes to kick but it's really great to have on hand😁

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How do I post on here

Hey Zara, did anyone tell how to post? ....I’ve just joined up and I can’t work out how to do it.

Hi Zara and Fraser Jones,

Have a look at the red "Forum FAQ" box near the top of the page. It is in-between the "Community Rules" and "How the forums are moderated" boxes.

Sorry, I don't do anything much more technical than that!

Cheers from Dools

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Hi - Ive just joined but still cant work out how to post a first comment/query. The only thing thats worked is replying to yours. Ideas?

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im trying to start a new post no luck so far