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Do I Need Help

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So I've always had an issue with social surroundings and and being in public places. I have tried many times to get myself relaxed before going out for the day. But then when I'm actually out I feel like a rush through my body which causes me to sometimes be sidetracked and forget what I'm at the store to get because my mind is all over the place my heart's racing my stomach is turning. My insides feel like it's going 100 miles an hour. And I feel so hot I feel like I'm going to faint. So I always thought I had anxiety. But how can I really be sure. And what can do to prevent it. But when I'm with someone I still get the feelings but they aren't as bad as when I'm alone. Has anyone else felt this way. Does anyone know what I can do.
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Hi, welcome

So, you feel you could have anxiety and have memory issues.

We cant diagnose but I'd firstly utilise your mobile phone, use the notes section to list your tasks, things to purchase etc.

Acknowledge that stress can cause a heighten level of anxiety.

Chat with your GP.

Being with someone produces a distraction which adds comfort. When alone at shopping centres try sitting at a cafe and listen to sounds and relax.


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