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divorce during lockdown

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Hi there. My husband and I separated a few months ago. Whilst a marriage breakdown is always hard, I am finding that it is being compounded by the isolation of lockdown. I feel very alone as my usual social connections are not available. I am trying to sell our family home and purchase a house so that my children and I have somewhere to live. This is extremely hard during all of the restrictions....again I have to do most of it on my own because my friends are unable to help due to the restrictions. My kids feel isolated and frustrated that they are apart from their friends and can not get some relief from the constant stress of the marriage break up.

Is there anyone out there going through the same thing right now?

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Hi, welcome

Absolutely sympathise with your situation atm. I recall the days in 1996 at the separation from my first wife and I had to dig really deep to get through that and work 12 hour shift work. I decided also to build a kit home. Although exhausting it gave me direction, a purpose and a goal. My ultimate dream was to enjoy my first night with my young daughters in our new place.

With the pandemic it does compound issues. The only comfort I can give you is to also dig deep and remind yourself regularly to pat yourself on the back. One day you'll look back and be proud of this transition period.

Use your phone a lot, Skype might help more. Keep busy. Thanks for posting, others will be in a similar situation and will benefit from it.


Thanks TonyWK. It is comforting to hear that I am not alone. I always get a lot of strength from people reminding me that time passes and that one day I will feel proud of my ability to get through this. Sure is hard though when you are right amongst the thick of it.

Thanks so much for posting a response...helps to know I am not alone. 🙂