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Adhd and anxiety

Community Member
Hi new to here ,i have been diagnosed with adhd and anxiety and depression, currently on meds for both and im still loosing my temper with kiddos, feel like meds are working to take the edge off a bit but still feel im loosing my s@#t way to frequently,and at drop of hat so etimes need help
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi B1234,

I can see that you are feeling exhausted and annoyed. I am very sorry about that.

Are you currently seeing a professional? If so, let them know how you are feeling.

What type of help did u need?

Please stay safe and I am here to chat when you need me.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi B1234,

Wellcome to our forums!

Im sorry you are feeling this way.

Im glad that you are feeling like your meds are taking the edge off….. how long have you been taking them? Antidepressants usually take 6 weeks to work …..

Have you been given any coping strategies?