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  • Hi does anybody know of a good telehealth psychiatrist that I can talk to about a misdiagnosis. I Am on a pension also.I live on the SunshineCoast .thanks
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Community Champion

hello and welcome.


I am unsure of psychiatrists that would do this. Well, mine does but she is the only one I know and was with her for a number of years in person. And  I was only able to get to her via referral. Before that ... nothing. Have you thought about chatting with a (or your) GP about this matter? That is really all I can think of. Sorry.

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Community Champion

Dear Pam64~

Welcome here to the Forum, I'm sorry to hear about your situation however members of the Forum are not in a position to recommend or mention specific medical practitioners, including psychiatrists.


However I can recommend several avenues to try, the first being your GP. Apart from that there is the

healthdirect's National Health Services Directory

and the

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists' directory


I hope this helps