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Is it legal to charge for a centrelink certificate?

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Sorry if it's been answered before, but google didn't give me any help after an hour of searching. 


I was advised last year that my gp wanted to charge me for my centrelink certificate. When I asked another gp at the same clinic he said that's illegal. Fast forward to today and I'm $132 lighter due to them demanding I pay for it. I dont have the choice to change gp as everywhere here is full so please don't suggest that.



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Community Champion

Dear MrblOnde~

Welcome here ot the Forum. I expect many others here have had the same problem.


My psych charges for my certificate which is classed as a report, and and not as medical treatment. As far as I know it is only medical treatment that is covered by medicare. and has the possibility of bulk-billing.


While my certificate does not actually go to Centerlink but another government department I think the same principal applies.


Sorry not to have better news. I'm sure some doctors might not charge, however if you can't change then that 's not much use to you.