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Got BPD, need some advice…

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I got BPD and is unsure of what to do, where to get help and what kind of help do one need to cope with this problem., I think distraction is the one of the best way in getting thru that aweful wave… I do feel that mine lasts longer than it should by the time it’s about to pass a new one starts… just don’t know how to distract myself when I’m too caught up with the idea of SH and/or suicide… I think I’ve said it before that I’m currently doing DBT group in the community and we’re on the last part of it which is interpersonal relationships… so far I’ve tried doing the skills I’ve learned but I think if I give it time I will get better in using them for when I need  it… just haven’t worked out when exactly I should start using these tools., was just wondering if anyone has tried the schema therapy and the mentalisation therapy? Are they both helpful? And will it beneficial for someone who has BPD to do these other therapy? Also, is anyone taking some medications to help alleviate the symptoms? If so, what are they?

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Hi BPDgirl88,


Yes DBT and the therapies you mentioned are great tools. As you said, the more you practice the better you will become at using them over time. Unfortunately, we can't mention specific medication here but medication can help. It is best to have this conversation with your GP or psychiatrist. Other than using DBT it might also be useful to come up with a safety plan for when you are feeling suicidal. You can download BeyondNow which is an app by beyond blue that lets you create an online safety plan. 


Hope that helps. Keep us updated.



Willow Jude
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Blue Voices Member

Hi BPDgirl88,


I have BPD too and wanted to give some insight into my own experiences of what works for me. 


DBT was quite beneficial for me - I haven’t tried Schema or MBT, but I know of people with BPD who have found them useful. I hear what you’re saying about difficulties with implementing DBT skills - I try and review the skills when I’m not in distress and think about when/how I could use them, which then makes it easier to apply them when those situations arise. And like you said, it does get easier with time and practice! 


I too find that distraction is useful during those periods of intense emotions/thoughts - I know it doesn’t fix the problem, but I am usually able to reduce my distress at least to a level where I can use more skills. When I notice my distress starting to increase, I like to mindfully take note of what I can hear and see around me, which serves as a distraction, or I watch a movie/TV show that I enjoy and can escape into. If I’m at a high level of distress, one distraction technique I use is to really listen to music and use my hands/fingers to tap out the beat. 


In addition to distraction, I also find it useful to practice self-soothing, radical acceptance, and self-validation. 


I don’t take medication, but some people do and find it beneficial. If you have access to a relevant health professional, this might be something you could discuss with them 🙂


- WJ