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Desperately need physiatrist but can’t get any

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I’ve been trying for over 4 months, 5 different trips to my gp for referrals and no physiatrist will take me. they never even get back to me. i just don’t know what to do any more. i know i desperately need to get help but i don’t have any other options left but to keep my fingers crossed for several more months. it’s extremely important i see one and i don’t know how much longer i can hold out. is there any thing else i can do?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Chillipower~

There is nothing more frustrating than having a health system that does not work, and trying for 4 months just to get an appointment is sadly all too common.


I would expect apart from your GP you may have tried the


healthdirect's National Health Services Directory

and the

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists' directory


My other suggestion is until you can get a psychiatrist to do one of the free on-line therapy courses put out by the Mindspot Clinic which is a government backed organisation that provides therapy for a range of illnesses and also has qualified psychologists supervising. They will liaise with your GP if you have one.


I used it for PTSD and it was a help.


I hope you find someone quickly




i appreciate your reply. unfortunately ive tried calling multiple psychiatrists before getting a referral and checking if they would take me as a patient. even after doing that they still never get back to me after i get the referral. as for the mindspot clinic, i dont think thats something that will benefit me as i need medication and diagnosis rather than therapy. i have tried psychologists and unfortunately they have not helped in the past. which is why im putting my last hope into psychiatrists and medication. but thank you for the suggestions!

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You've probably done this but just checking, after you got the referral did you call the psychiatrist office again? Maybe try calling them several times especially if they previously said they would take you on as a patient. Barring that, if you are particularly desperate, especially if you might self harm, try the emergency department of your local hospital. You may have to wait several hours but they will get you an emergency psychiatrist from the hospital to see you that day. 


I wish there was a better system for first contact with mental health professionals.


Sending thoughts of support and love.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear ChilliPower~


It's a great pity and I quite understand it is an actual psychiatrist you need. My only other suggestion (apart from the lists I mentioned) is wiht the clinics you have contacted ask them to put you on a cancellation list. I've have some success with this for other specialists.though the resultant appointments have been as short notice