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Claiming super for medical costs TMS

Community Member

Hi All, 

Has anyone been able to claim on their super early to treat mental health conditions? I am looking in to seeing if I can claim to cover the cost of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. If depression is life threatening I dont see why TMS cannot be viewed as a potentially life saving treatment.

Be great to hear from anyone who has information on this.


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Succulentqueen~

Welcome to the Forum, if you look around you may find others who have been in the  same position and how they went.


As far as I know (and I am NOT an expert) the condition need not be life threatening and does induce mental illness.


I suggest you look at the ATO page (they govern such matters) and go from there




It is so frustrating to need any medical procedure and it is out of reach for financial reasons -good luck


If you can please let us know how you get on, I'm sure other would be interested



Thank You Croix for your reply and for doing the leg work. The details in that link look promising. Will detail the outcome here.