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It has been a long time since I have been on here. 

I have tried to go at it alone but have been struggling with life.

I still see my psychologist and psychiatrist, spent time in hospital and under gone lots of sessions of ECT.

The road has been very bumpy along the way and those uphill battles are still continuing.


I hope whoever reads this, it finds you going well.

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Hi Nellym,


Thank you sincerely for sharing. I have also spent lots of time in hospital and done lots of ECT. It's been a long 10 years for me but the effort was worth it. The uphill battles continue for me also. Don't give up. 


If you're comfortable we'd love to hear more.



Community Champion
Community Champion

welcome back?


I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling and facing uphill battles. But it's good to know that you're getting support. Remember that reaching out for professional help is a courageous step.


Also give yourself credit for your resilience and determination throughout this journey. If there's anything you'd like to discuss... feel free to share.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Nellym,


I don't know you but I am thinking of you as you navigate this journey of yours through mental health. It can be a struggle and a battle. We do have many ups and downs. I hope you are able to recieve the help and assistance that you need to find a sense of stability.


Is there one thing you can do for yourself that helps? For me it is walking and taking photos of what I am seeing around me. Helps me to feel a little more grounded. I'm also rediscovering the benefit of writing down what is going on in my mind then thinking of something to be thankful for.


Hope you find ways to get over those bumps in the road, regards from Dools

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Nellym, sometimes being away from this site may actually be a good thing, if you are trying to overcome your problems in life, while others prefer talking about their concerns, it all depends on what you feel benefits yourself.

If however you are struggling then it's probably best you talk to other people who have been in a similar position, but sometimes people may find talking with a psychologist and/or psychiatrist helpful, my only concern is that when you mention something to one of these psy's that the other has said, may agree or interpret it in a way differently to what has been said, which could quite easily confuse you, and that's what we don't want to happen.

What's now happening to you after all you have been through is a journey only you will know, but it's been a strenuous trip of many hopes and ones that have not gone so well that have put in this position, and it's only when these uphill battles can be solved, is when you are able to feel comfortable, but at the moment, it doesn't seem that way, and so pleased you have joined us once again.


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Thank you all for your replies.

I have hit some major hurdles in my life. After a recent attempt my psychiatrist has changed my meds and I only get access to them daily. I have also started EMDR with my psychologist. It has only been a few sessions so am yet to decide whether it will help or not. I rarely leave the house these days. When I do go out it is for appointments or to go to the supermarket.

I am very much optimistic about life but am managing to take it day by day. At least my ideation has quietened down so feel a bit better within myself.

Thanks for reading and I hope this finds you well.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Nellym

I'm sorry I didn't see this thread when you first posted.

I'm pleased to see you are taking each day, one at a time, still finding help from a  psychologist, trying the EMDR therapy, & your psychiatrist trying some new meds.   & & you are feeling optimistic about life & the ideation is less frequent.

I wonder, are you using a safety plan?

I have been finding the more I do to care for & look after myself, the better is my mental health. Any small change you can make which will improve your diet, sleep, amount of exercise you do, how often you are out & maybe even being social with someone, is a good thing. I started small, maybe smaller than I think, with my changes. It mostly comes down to thinking 'what is in my best interest?'. Whenever I see there is a choice of actions I ask myself that question.

Yeah, it seems to me, you have certainly come a long way through a bumpy life. I'm very glad you are here with us today.



P.S. Although I can't see your profile picture very well, I like it very much. To me, it looks like how one might imagine the brain's electrical activity going on.

Community Member

thanks mmMekitty

I have got a safety plan that I use. It does help me in times when I need it. It has got some good distractions on there that I constantly use. It has helped me a lot lately.