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Advice/information about inpatient treatment.

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I'll try to be concise... I've been wondering if I need to take some more serious steps lately, I do see a psychologist and my GP regularly, I'm about a week away from my next psychologist appointment. I've been diagnosed with ASD, panic disorder, depression, CPTSD as well as fibromyalgia. 

Some things in my living situation have changed and my family has put too much on me, which I have tried to communicate, and my mental health is the worst it has been for some time. I feel a bit like a fraud as I know that I 'push through' a lot and seem OK, but I really feel like I'm losing control.


I dont really know what my options are and I'm scared of inpatient treatments, but I also feel like maybe I need that? I definitely need something. Are you forced to take medications? Can my psychologist assist me when I'm at an inpatient place? I live in QLD, if that matters. Any information or advice would be really great...


Thanks for reading & any help in advance.

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Community Champion

Dear Brenin_Bunny~


I'd like to welcome you here to the Forum, a place where if you search around you will find that psych wards vary very greatly, not only between private institutions and public ones, but also they vary each from another.


While I've found them of benefit it does not mean they are easy or enjoyable. Actually I suspect just being isolated from ordinary life for a while has been the best thing.


In my state (it may vary elsewhere) you cannot be forced to take medication -or even stay - if you enter as a voluntary patient. Mind you if you have been prescribed meds it would seem a good idea to take them, and the staff will help there.


If your psychologist has specific visiting rights to the hospital then the may be in charge of your treatment though it is quite likely they will come up wiht a treatment plan in conjunction with the existing staff.


I found the worst thing was being upset by the condition of some others on the ward.


Now, hopefully having answered your questions I'd very strongly suggest to talk the whole matter over with you medical team, in this case your GP and psychologist, as they may have thier own views and are normally the ones that provide a referral to admit you..


One is never a fraud if one feels badly enough to contemplate a psych ward as an option, irrespective of if you have pushed though in the past.


I am wondering if there is anything you can do of a non medical nature to take some of that load off you. If possible it would be preferable


Would you like to talk more about things?





Hello Croix,

Thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate you taking the time to write back to me.


It's helpful to hear what you have to say, I had some notion that wards would be beneficial/detrimental depending on each person's experience, but I suppose I just wanted to hear some more about all that from someone who has some more knowledge than myself. It's helpful for my spiralling thoughts lol.


I think it is something I will bring up with my psychologist next week, and maybe my GP from there.


Unfortunately I'm feeling very stuck in my current situation...I've had to take over primary care of my sister and move her into my house as my parents effectively kicked her out and threatened me. My sister has a chronic degenerative disease and has had it since childhood, but my parents have made no real plans for her security or safety as an adult...it's all a bit much for both of us to handle honestly.

I do have a partner who is incredibly supportive but I'm honestly overwhelmed and totally burnt out. I feel as though I've lost so much progress in my own wellness which is very frustrating.

Apologies for the wall of text, and thank you again for your response!

I hope you're having a nice week so far.

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Community Champion

Dear Brenin-Bunny~

You are welcome. Thanks for explaining a bit more, it helps to get a more complete picture. You and you partner are in very difficult circumstances if you have to look after your sister.  From what you say it is this -combined with the heartless actions of your parents - that has driven you to the stage of contemplating hospital.


It's true being on a ward can separate one from the day to day troubles that contributed to your being there , however I suspect when you are discharged you will go back into the same situation that drove you there in the first place.


It may well be that your sister, and you as carer, - depending on the level of her disability - are able to get assistance, not jut a few weeks respite, but other things, maybe part time carers - I don't know. The point is though it may be a bigger job than two people can handle by themselves and outside help is needed.


I would not know which body in your state would be the right one to approach and suggest you ring our own 24/7 help line and talk to one of our friendly councilors about hte situation -see what suggestions they have.


It may also be your GP or psych may have some familiarity with the system too.


You mentioned you had a very supportive partner, which is gold. Can you talk about the situation together?