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Partner memory issues and speech forgetfulness what is the cause ?

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My partner he is almost 49.

Many years ago is when I first noticed strange things.

Example like about 6 years ago or so he left the glass sliding door open on our Lizard enclosure. Miraculously none got out and no cats got in there. Another time he did it again and it was left open all night. Thankfully they were fine.

That Christmas Eve when we were wrapping presents he asked me how do we spell our sons name... I was like are you joking ? He said no he is just tired and cannot think straight.

Since then he often does strange things like he could at times walk out the front door and walk straight back in and says he forgot to put his shoes on, early morning getting ready for work. At times he will leave his coffee left in the coffee machine or a drink on the bench he forgot to take. He has misplaced his mobile phone a few times, even lost a work PDA that costed us around $800 or so (that was about 4 years ago)

When talking he forgets peoples names, other day we were talking about wood... and the local place he goes to at times he forgot what it was called and when I said oh I think it is Home Timber Hardware, he clicks his fingers and says "that's the one, thank you"

That and so many other things is exactly like my father, who had serious dementia and is now passed away. There is so many damn instances with my partner that seem so very similar to my father, in stages of my father's dementia.

MY partner says there is nothing wrong with him, his brain or memory. He did eventually go see a GP

He did a small test then and there and he had blood tests lot's of various ones also a Brain scan which costed us few hundreds. All were fine.

The Doctor said everything seems fine and that a brain scan does not always show any signs of dementiaRight so here we are and he is not any better and some what a little worse in some ways then before.

He often does struggle to think of words when talking whether it is someones name or a place or even the name of his power tools he uses often.... this is far from normal. I believe sometimes he is not even aware of lapsed time, that he could be outside for a good 8 hours on a weekend and not really notice he was.

He always is very tired, he looks buggered, something does not seem right, look right. Some days I think I imagine it, then other days I am certain something is very off.

Only previous known medical issues is, pollops (not sure on that spelling) in the nose and 2 years ago diagnosed with barrett's esophagusWhat do I do ?

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Champion Alumni

Hello Sensational, people differ from what age these type of events happen and they can start slowly giving you the indication that your partner is beginning to change, no fault of his, but unfortunately, things are happening much sooner than what you believed shouldn't have been occurring.

No one can possibly tell when you first meet that this would be the case, and when it does it's a complete surprise.

He may become very tired because his mind is struggling within itself and certainly not something anyone would be asking for.

I am really sorry this has begun and know of people in a similar condition that it doesn't worry them at all, it's only yourself that suffers this grief.

Geoff. x