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New to the supporting family and friends forum? Here's 3 tips to get you started

Beyond Blue Staff
Beyond Blue Staff

New to the supporting family and friends forum? Please read our trio of tips to help you get the best out of your experience here.

Tip 1

Before posting, start by reading some of the existing threads. You may find a number of community members' experiences you can relate to. Reading about others' circumstances with supporting loved ones with mental illness might give you more insight into helping or understanding your loved one.

Tip 2

Supporting someone with a mental illness can be quite challenging, and carers, family, and friends often need support as well. By posting your experience on another community member's thread it gives you a chance to connect with others whom have a shared experience.

Tip 3

Check out the resources in the Supporting Someone on this website for further advice on how to help and support loved ones with a mental illness. Browse the resources available and share with the community what advice was useful for you.
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Hello BB

I've just joined the Online Forum and am reading all the helpful tips before posting. In your Tip 3 there is a link to a Parent and Friends Help page but the link doesn't work. I'd like to read as much as I can so would appreciate knowing where to find the information.


Hi Grace and welcome to the forums.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sure BB will fix the link (I've reported the post too) but for now try this section...


There is also a section of the forums solely about caring for someone with a mental illness. You can find it here...


I hope this helps. If not just about out ok.

You're also very welcome to start a thread of your own if you'd like support specific to your own situation.


Community Member
Thank you for the tips. I hope to be able to find ways that i can support my husband through some mental health issues and get him the helps he needs without pushing him away and/or putting to much on myself. I have recently lost my dad and my mum passed away when I was only 11, so have been having counselling face to face myself to deal with a lot that has arose since. I just hope we can both get throught this

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello C3!.....and thankyou Quercus for being here

My sincere condolences for the recent loss of your dad....and for you to have lost your mum so early...

If you need any support (that can be directed to you and your husband) you are more than welcome to start your own thread topic. You will receive support from many gentle people here that are also experiencing similar life events. The forums are a safe and non judgemental place for you to post

Take a little time and have a look around the forums. If you have any queries I really hope you will let us know

You are not alone

my kind thoughts


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello C3, I am so sad to hear about your loss.

If you feel like talking, please don't hesitate to come back to us.

Can I also suggest clicking on 'Get Support' at the top of this page, scroll down until you see 'Publications to download or order', this is a booklet that helps people understand what depression means and ways you can help, it's a very informative booklet and well worth having.

It's just another piece of this puzzle you can slot into the gap and may provide some extra help.

Please let us know.

My best wishes.



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I have just joined the online forums. We have an 18 year old who has suffered major depression/anxiety and sucidal thoughts for over a year now, and we are really struggling to find the best way of supporting her. We are becoming increasingly convinced that medication (anti depressants, anti anxiety drugs, sleeping pills) has made things worse so are interested in connecting with carers/pratctitioners/institutions that take a more holistic approach of diet, exercise, psychotherapy, managing social media usage etc. etc. There are so many threads and seems no way to search them - should I start my own ? Is this the best area ?

Many thanks

Community Member


i am wanting to learn how to support my husband. He has been diagnosed with depression on Friday when I got home from work. I had no idea and he had not discussed with me at all. The GP has given him some meds and ge can’t get in to a counselling until October.

When I look back over the past couple of weeks there has been some strange behaviours including buying a new car with no discussion with me.

i want to help but I feel lonely and afraid and he doesn’t seem to want to talk to me about it, preferring to discuss with a friend of his new boss.

he has just started a new job (into week 4). He was retrenched in Jan and had 6 months without a job. Throughout this time he was fine. Sadly 4th time being retrenched in 10 years.

i am worried I have no energy to be of benefit to him as have been already exhausted trying to get through the last 6 months financially and with positivity.

His new boss knows about the depression and I am afraid he may. It make it past his employment probation.

sadly he comes from an usual family that have never been of any support or any friendship. His mother passed away last Nov, he had a terrible relationship with her, wondering delayed grief and guilt of their toxic relationship.

thanks for reading

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Hello Littlelegs

You are amazing and loving as a parent. Well done for pursuing more to support your loved one. What a very special calling.

I am hearing very negative dialogue from my much loved early 20's daughter regarding giving up.

She is taking sleeping tabs to sleep but as far as I know she isnt taking any medication for emotional health.

What do I say to her, I make every effort to be compassionate and understanding and sympathetic.

I have so much I want to say to her to encourage her with positivity etc but dont want to overdo it.

Do you have any thoughts for me?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Possum-kelly~

Welcome here to the Forum. Having a daughter talking of giving up is a horrible situation for a parent to be in, and one that others here have faced.

Unfortunately although you have selected an existing thread that is not what you need. This thread is about tips for users and only infrequently visited.

Can I suggest you start your own thread, that way people will see you and be able to reply.

If you are unsure about how to make a new thread have a look at

Forums / Welcome and orientation / The forum FAQ thread

We'll look out for you there. If you have any hassles sing out