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Need help with a suicidal wife which refuses to get help

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Hello All

I need help or advice on how to deal with my suicidal wife who refuses to get mental health help

We have been married for 22 years and she has had major bouts of depression with suicidal tendencies

she is well educated and is in the medical profession

we have two older boys who are nearly self reliant now

but I don’t think I can hang in any longer and I’m worried what she will do if I say I can’t

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Hello Guest, if your wife is in the medical profession she would know how to play with the staff at the hospital, what to say and how to behave, eventually, convincing them she can be released.

Being in a hospital would give you the indication that she's receiving the help she needs and temporarily appease your concern, but unfortunately, once she is released, another attempt is made.

There seems to be much she's hiding to herself and after being married for 22 years have you thought about separating, it's not a suggestion you should worry about because if she is alone then her thoughts may suddenly improve and I mean no harm towards you.


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Sorry Geoff

I’m not sure If I understand your suggestion

are you saying if I not around her mindset might improve?

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Well we are still going through the same problems

I think my wife depression is effecting me and sending me into a depression as well

I feel like I’m a slave in this relationship

I have lost interest in my hobbies and want to get rid of them

I have no interaction now with friends or family

It was my birthday and my wife tried again