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Carers payment for my partner and I

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Hi, I am new to the forums as this is my first post. This question is for anyone who knows about Centrelink and how it works. I have asked them this question several times and keep getting conflicting answers. I am currently getting carers payment for my wife who has PTSD / Depression as well as a pain condition. we have both been trying to get disability for 5 years and they still wont give either of us this. I also suffer PTSD and depression and I have chronic life long back pain. My question is this. Is it possible for her to get a carers payment for me as she is as much a carer for me as I am for her. Basically is it possible for a couple to get carers for each other. I had no problem getting carers payment and I need just as much care as she does. Any thoughts ? Thank you

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Hi, welcome

We don't normally offer advice on elements of a centrelink benefits however- I googled "centrelink carers payment household" and it came up with this-

"The person you care for can be anyone, including a relative. It can be paid to more than one person in a household, such as a couple caring for each other".

As far as I can see you could be eligible for carers payment each. So I'd apply and see how you go.

Nothing binding in the above but happy to help out.


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Hello Just_me, if you can google the question you've asked us ' Is it possible for her to get a carers payment for me as she is as much a carer for me as I am for her', and what I've found is this 'Can you be a carer for more than one person?
More than one person in the same household can claim Carer's Allowance. For example, a couple caring for each other can make separate claims.

To ring Centrelink is a nightmare, you can wait up to an hour and a half and then be told to use 'MyGov' which is also awful, but if you have the patience and the time then you'll have to wait.


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Hi Just_me99,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. I can see you've got some great advice already that's hopefully answered your question.

Here's some more info on the carers payment eligibility: