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You ever feel like life is meaningless at a base level

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Like given how insignificant all of this is what’s the point?


im not at the end of my rope but it seems like if you want to get anywhere with mental healthcare you have you be busting into the emergency room threatening to off yourself there and then and MABYE theyll give you a spot on the waitlist


its got me thinking mabye they’ve got the right idea, life’s clearly not scared to the powers at be so why bother, all just seems like we are keeping going because that’s what someone else wants us to do, why can’t I just take the long nap and try my luck at whatever comes next? 

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Dear ladus,

It sounds to us as though you've had quite a difficult experience with the mental health system. We appreciate your courage in bringing this to our wonderfully caring and supportive community.

Firstly, we are pleased to know that you are not suicidal. If this ever changes, please know that it would be an emergency, and you should call 000.

Warm regards,

Sophie M.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Iadus~

I'd have to say yes in answer to your question. I have indeed felt life to be pointless, but don't now, far from it. So what's the difference? What's changed - at least for me?


At the time things had got so bad inside myself I was depressed, suicidal and had an anxiety condition as well. Nothing seemed to work and my mind was so full of the  negative self-blaming thoughts there was room for anything else. So I too wondered what is the point. At the time I certainly did not realize where these thoughts came from and believed not only were they mine, but irrefutable. No hope.


Later I found they were a symptom, and not mine at all, no matter how convincing or personal.


From the outside not a lot has changed, we are all still mortal as you point out, but inside it is another matter. I was luckier than you have been so far and was able to get hold of competent medical assistance which gradually reduced both my suicidal thoughts and my depression.


I'm not 'cured' but have reached a stage of recovery what I'd not willingly give up life. Depression no longer manufactures thoughts with no hope. I can see more of the world I'm in and some of it is good, even fun. People (and the medical profession) pay attention and I'm able to do things I think are worthwhile - feelings of accomplishment.


You have not had my luck -so far. To be brushed aside by ED (actually the powers-that-be who govern it), or any other avenue you have tried without success will of course make you feel worse, insignificant perhaps. It certainly has for me in the past.


So that our conversation may be more meaningful to you, would you like to say more about you circumstances, and if you have anyone in your life who you can lean on?


I've more I'd like to share but think I've said quite enough for now, I hope we get to talk more





Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi ladus,


Im sorry you are feeling this way and that you have experienced what you have with the mental health care.


I understand that sometimes people do wonder what’s the point of all of this?


Sometimes some people go through a life changing experience and end up coming through the other side of the tunnel.


These people have been awakened and have a knowing of their true life purpose.


I believe everyone has a life purpose here on earth and once you discover it your life will change for the better in a dramatic way.





On The Road
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi ladus,

I'm sorry that you've been through these struggles, I can almost feel your disappointment. I'd believe you are the one with courage and resilience facing these adversities, I wonder how you manage to do it... You said "take the long nap" really hit me because that's what I wanted to do sometimes...

Similar things happened to me and I felt like I wasn't supported properly and withdrawn myself, which wasn't a good thing to do; I wanted to feel supported, and hope (that things are getting improving), but it's really hard. I'm learning to accept it(acknowledging these terrible realities), which is actually helping me, I start to feel a bit relieved somehow. 

sometimes I also wonder whether life's pointless or not... but I think it is a philosophical problem that I rather not thinking of it too much... Life can be sometimes colourful and sometimes monochrome, what do you think?

Feel free to share more, we are here to listen and chat.