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The nights are the worst.

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I find that the hardest time of all are the evenings. I live alone and the house is so quiet. I lay awake each night, not being able to sleep and the darkness outside my bedroom window matches the darkness inside of me.

Its at these times that the sadness feels so powerful and overwhelming. I can feel it sitting inside of my stomach like a heavy rock. I have lived a majority of my life like this and can't see any way to stop feeling like this.

What are some strategies that people might use when both your thoughts and feelings are at their darkest.

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Pandemica,

I haven't caught up on everything - you are really achieving a lot! This next change is such good news, too. I am glad you have taken time to research & plan ahead. You have learned so much along the path you have taken to get here. You have many skills & tools you can put to use.

Go for it - & all my best hopes are with you.


The radio station (on the TV) "SBS CHILL" is quite soothing. Nice music, no lyrics (most of the time) and hardly any adverts. Though you might have to tinker with your TV display settings. (Ive got burn-in on my tv saying "radio station") 🙂

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi & how are you, Pandemica? I want to remind you, people here are thinking of you, wishing you all our best, 😺 along this very difficult journey you're on.


Night time scares me.

However lamp light on, TV on mute helps me.

Regardless of what measure you take, take A measure/s that works for you.

AA was not for me (I'm a recovering alcoholic), however you may find it works as many do.

Good luck as you're doing extremely well.