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The irony of it all

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Things haven't been too good for along time so I did what my wife has patiently urged me to do and went to my GP who very kindly made time for me. She was concerned that suicide was a risk and phoned threw to Emergency, was also going to phone an ambulance but my wife assured her she would get me to Emergency safe and sound so the ambulance wouldn't be needlessly tied up with me. Can't fault my doctor or my wonderful wife. Unfortunately things at Emergency were not ideal, long wait but I can understand that but there opinion was at complete odds which my doctor, I was made to feel like I was just after attention and sympathy [what I really wanted was definitely not attention, I wanted to be alone but wifey wasn't going to let that happen] so the upshot was I would not be admitted and was sent home, now here is the irony part, from what I understand, just say hypothetically if my wife had found me trying to make good on my wishes, and remember I'm not after sympathy so I wouldn't want anyone interfering or carting me off, but say my wife called 000, my understanding is as I am now a threat to myself I would be forcibly taken and admitted and not able to discharge myself, so in 1 day I could be refused entry into the ward and later that same day forced into the very same ward unable to get out, makes you think, makes you laugh, could even make you cry. Such is the way of being a damaged person in a system that doesn't know what to do with you and can't help because nothing can help anyway
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Hi Roads End,

Thank you for posting here to let us know how you're doing. We are reaching out to you privately as well because we are very concerned for your well being. We're so sorry to hear about your negative experience at the Emergency where you were made to feel you were seeking attention. We hope that this experience does not set you back emotionally. The system can seem daunting and like it does not have the right supports but please know that there is help and support available.  Beyond Blue's Support Service is available 24/7 and can be reached by calling 1300 22 4636 or through Webchat (3pm to 12 am) at: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/get-immediate-support 

There is also Lifeline at 13 11 14 and Suicide Call Back Service at 1300 659 467

If you are an immediate danger to yourself at anytime, this is an emergency and you must call 000.

You are a worthy and valuable person who deserves the right support and we are so glad you are here on the forums. Please keep checking in here to let us know how you are. 

Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Roads End

I'm so sorry that you're unwell, having such a tough time and that you didn't receive a helpful response at the ED.

I know it took a lot of courage and strength for you to make it to the hospital. I know you deserved better. I know it hurts right now.

I have been in your shoes, as a carer for my daughter. I remember being sent home from the ED after an assessment by a nurse, we couldn't even access a psychiatrist. It's heartbreaking. But it doesn't mean you're not unwell and in need of professional care.

It's really hard right now but I want to encourage you to plough on. If I were in your shoes, I would go back to the GP to plan your next steps. Your GP is listening and caring and best placed to help you navigate the system.

Things can get better; I have seen this happen with my child. Please, don't give up because you matter. I encourage you to fight for the health outcomes you deserve because with the support of your wife and a good GP life can improve.

Kind thoughts to you

Thankyou Summer Rose's

It does seem there isn't going to be any happiness ever again, and every set back just proves that more so to hear your daughter [with much support from yourself I'm sure] managed to break free is heartening


Hi Roads End

Yes, I have provided support to my daughter for years. She fell ill at age 13 with OCD and anxiety, she is now 22.

I never thought she would finish high school. She graduated in the top 25 per cent of the nation. She is an Honour student at university and will one day soon be an amazing architect. She has fallen in love. She is making her way in the world in a manner that fills me with enormous pride.

There were unfortunately many challenges along the way. Many times I thought I would lose her. Many times the system let her down.

But every time she got knocked down, she got back up--with the support of her family. The key was finding the right person to provide the right treatment at the right time.

You have a wife who loves you and many things in life yet to achieve, experience and enjoy. It is so important to persevere because with each single step you take, you will be one step closer to your best health.

You have taken one important step already---reaching out here. And there are many people who will support you from this community. You just keep going. Post any time.

Kind thoughts to you