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Does anyone else's mum get over agitated really easily for the slightest things and then treats me like the best thing in the world?..

My mum and my dad don't live together, I live with my mum and my dad lives in a apartment a while away from my house.

He works a job and my mum doesn't

He also pays for his and our houses rent.

Sometimes he picks me up from school and takes me to my house [my mums]

She usually is very pissed off when I get home

So that's when my dad tries to act like the better person.

I don't trust him, in his past he's been rather.. weird, with kids.

Especially his friend too 😞

I usually have to nurse my mum because she has a defibrillator and many issues with her heart which takes her to hospital alot..

It's tiring.

She wants me to speak more but I can't, she wants me to go to school but I can't breathe there.

She makes me feel like a horrible person for not doing things I don't want to.

I know she tries really hard but she's mentally killing me to the point I have no personality in real life anymore,

If she dies ill have nowhere to stay.

Court is getting involved for my absence at school, I hate it so much

I only have a friend but I'm their backup.

I hate this lol

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Hi, welcome


A key thing missing is your age so I'll guess between 13 and 14yo. 


In answer to your first question, that could be a number of things but the most common reason in your mums case is moodiness due to her health. If she was really healthy and could venture out more she'd be laughing and smiling more and treating you better. Poor health is the reason many of us here are moody and we spend a few times a day apologising to our partners/kids for they way we talk to them. 


Also parents are often guilty of not keeping pace with their kids maturing, it is only 2 years between 11 and 13yo yet it is a vastly different person that changes in that timeframe, same with 14 and 16 etc. Before you know it they are talking to you as if you are 11 yet you are 15yo! 


I think its commendable your dad pays for your mum and your rent, thats likely an agreement between your mum and dad. But its alright to not trust people no matter who they are. You have to protect yourself 


School is not negotiable, every child has to attend school unless they leave after 16yo, thats the law. When you break the law authorities visit and there can be trouble there. We all do things we dont want to do. I love our little mini Foxy's but I really dont like picking up their poop. If I had the attitude "I'll just leave it there" then that isnt right... there is right and wrong... not going to school is wrong.


I hope thing improve. If you feel lost or upset then drop into your local doctors room and tell them you are upset, I did that last year and they chatted to me and gave me ideas.