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I contemplate if ever, for logical reasons

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I am 27 years of age, without education or conventional interest or capacity for University, I am not interested in TAFE either, I am without direction for suitable entry level job's, net work and experience also, besides 11 month's volunteer in something I didn't want at all

I have my license NOW but i'm not really helped with buying a suitable vehicle, and that's taking forever

I have no friendships, I've never had friends besides knowing toxic peers from high school, more than 10 years ago

I have no girlfriend or marriage either, but I didn't want anyone without being put together with my life first

I am pre diabetic type - 2, and despite being well controlled without finger pricking, I worry that any societal or future financial stresses or work or un employment could ruin my diabeties management

I am also tragically mis diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and without ability to prove that I do not in fact suffer from the condition, I am currently under involuntary treatment for this condition, and have been given a proximately 5 to 6 more years of speculated time to take medication

I feel more American and mis placed than being Australian which is hard for me to enjoy connecting to everyone, but still being Australian at the same time, I am deeply more religious and spiritual and conservative and I consider myself more creative than the vocational standard of Australia's ideals and norms

I am also angered by being mis perceived as autistic or having asperges for the fact I am a articulate detailed speaker rather than netural, it's like I am fighting against 3 mis diagnosis which is suffering

I don't like being around my father, because his selfish and entitled, arrogant and ignorant, and my mother can be, to my opinion mildly socially, or emotionally narcissistic, or maybe where just different personality

So I contemplate all of this for numerous reasons, because I am always short comings with resolving my issues in life

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Champion Alumni

Hi Peter98

Welcome to the forums and thankyou for your articulate post and speaking from the heart. I didnt have the courage you posses when I joined the forums six years ago...It took me weeks to create my own thread

I understand where you are coming from after having chronic anxiety and depression for a long time. I am sorry you have been misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia. That would be would be traumatic on its own no matter what symptoms you have had

We have other members that are on involuntary treatment. You are not alone even with being misdiagnosed

You have covered a few points in your post....Just so we can support you more effectively, can I ask what symptoms/feelings that causes the most pain and anguish in your life?

The forums are a safe and non Judgmental place for us to post Peter98....There are many gentle people that can be here for you. I really hope you can continue to be a part of our family

Even if you just want to chat...no worries

my kindest


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Mostly the feeling of not being able to confidently talk to people without worrying about un wanted opinions or being undermined, Or the feeling of having to agree with anyone for anything

The feeling of anxiety about my financial future or the feeling of being isolated from having no friendships

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I can't tolerate how you can't have meaningful discussion with anyone

I can't tolerate how entitled and selfish the world is

I can't tolerate how atheist and humanist Australia is

I can't tolerate how the world hinders creativity I can't tolerate how opinionated and condescending the world is constantly

The pharmaceutical doctors irrationally diagnose, they exaggerate lies, and they give you no voluntary freedoms of rights