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How to support my daughter?

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What should a family do to suppoert an overdose that could have killed a young women?

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Hi Shan, welcome


Community Champions like myself are here to support you as much as we can. We aren't professional counsellors, we assist by sometimes conveying our experiences. In this case, I've been down the suicidal thoughts and one attempt and learned a lot.


Parents are often at more of a loss to know what to do because their child has had the same help from them and for whatever reason is no longer effectively working enough. There is a few reasons for this-


  • parents tend to blame themselves. That is usually not only unfair on them but such self blame is felt by the child which can be counter productive.
  • parents often overdo the help when sometimes a hand on the shoulder and no words can be more advantageous. This is common because many parents aren't trained counsellors.
  • teenage or adult children sometimes dont want help from parents for many personal reasons. This should not be seen as an insult but rather that they feel strangers see them in a different light and from the outside looking in a stranger or professional can see the childs issues without an emotional attachment.

IMO the best relationship a parent can have in such testing conditions is to endeavour to be a best friend IF that is possible. Of course any frustrations you have shouldn't download to yelling or dominating but I think you know that.


You greatest achievement here is posting in the first place. Any way of seeking professional help will be a bonus. You might also mention this forum to your daughter for her consideration.