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Hit rock bottom

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Ive been experiencing really bad anxiety and depression for the last 5 months or so to the point that I was in hospital on Tuesday and Wednesday and very scared that I would end it all.

Going to have blood tests done to see if there are any problems (maybe deficiences or thyroid issues) and am having an appointment with a psychiatrist tomorrow.

I am glad that I am still here today and hoping that this forum will help me on my road to recovery ❤️

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Hey alexmw,

Welcome to the forums, and thank you for your bravery in sharing here. We can hear you’ve been going through some really difficult things for several months, and it's been really scary time. We’re really glad you could come to the forum to share this with our community. We know it isn’t easy to share something like this, but we think it’s a powerful step and we really appreciate your openness and bravery in sharing.

We’ve reached out to you privately to make sure you’re ok. If you want to reach out to our counsellors to talk this through, we’re on 1300 22 4636, and you can reach us online here. A few more options are KidsHelpline on 1800 55 1800, Lifeline on 13 11 44, and Headspace on 1800 650 890. All of these options are also available through webchat, if you'd prefer:  It's great to hear you're glad to be here today. Is there anything you think helped you through those really scary moments earlier this week and helped you to find that feeling of safety?​​We’d love to hear if there’s anything coming to mind. 

We’d really recommend having a look at the Beyond Blue safety planning app, Beyond Now. You can read about how it works and where to download it here. You can even call Lifeline and compete it with one of their counsellors over the phone if you'd like.

Hopefully, you’ll hear from this lovely community soon. Maybe you could help them along by letting us know what kind of support you have at the moment, and if anyone around you is helpful or understanding with how you’re feeling?

Kind regards,

Sophie M

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Community Champion

Hello alexm

I'm sorry to hear you've been really struggling with anxiety and depression these last 5 months. It sounds like it's been a really scary and difficult period. A few years ago, I also was in hospital for a few days due to depression when I hit rock bottom, and it was a tough period of time for me.

That all being said, I'm also glad you were able to get some help and have come to talk to us here today. In my own experience, getting support and talking to others was really important and helpful, so I hope you find the same in your road to recovery.

Let us know how you go tomorrow. Is this one that was organised through the hospital?


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Hey alexmw’s

As hard as it was being in the hospital it was the first time people took me seriously and helped me find the right support to get better.
I really hope you find the right services because it does get better.

best wishes

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Thanks for all of the responses guys, it means a lot.

I have good support from my school wellbeing team and hopefully soon from an ongoing psychologist. Yep James, it is one that I got from the hospital, i'm glad that I am able to get support so quickly.

Just having the support of the nurses and doctors at the hospital really helped, I think staying overnight helped to calm me down and help me to rationalize my thoughts.

Right now I am feeling a bit numb and I don't think I have fully grappled with the severity of this week, but it is a process. I will try to update after my first appointment tomorrow.

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Community Champion

Hi alexmw,

Sorry you have been feeling this way.

I understand it’s really difficult when we are dealing with anxiety and depression.

I understand how it feels to be terrified.

I suffered with severe anxiety OCD for a period of time I felt very scared.

The good news is that I’ve now recovered thanks to the professional help I received.

You can recover aswell from what you are experiencing…. Never loose hope.

Im here to chat