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Three things I asborbed today...

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Obviously we need to have an opposite thread to letting go, so in here we are hanging onto valuable things, we are committing to things, we are firming up our positions, we are taking into ourselves somethings : These are Three things I absorb today...

I absorb someone else's perception of beauty.
I absorb the warmth of my heater.
I absorb the sounds of nature.
I absorb a deep breath.
I absorb my own attentive states.
I absorb my wife's love for me.
I absorb the meta conscious of humanity.
I absorb a cordial.
I absorb emptiness.

I absorb the ideal of letting go...

love dng.

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I absorb the ideal of hanging onto values.

I absorb the position that I have not been successful in negotiating my needs.

I absorb the position that I have needs that should be met by those who love me.

I absorb the ideal of superman.

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Great idea David

1.. I believe, accept and will hold onto the love my sister gives me

2..I will hold onto the cute affection from my cat Lily

3..My body will absorb all the vitamin D that the sunshine gives me. I am holding onto that.

I absorbed an attitude of gifting unconditional love, through apologising for my action, and thanking the other for their action.

I absorbed the spirit of change.

I absorbed a curry.

I absorbed someone's utterly crap advise that was contradictory and I reframed it into consistency and gave it back to the someone.

I absorbed that I am content to walk away from 40+ year life long relationship, because I now minimise abusive people in my life.

I absorbed the position of someone who was being adversarial and showed them that I am aiming to reduce combativeness in them, and doing it privately to reduce their suffering embarrassment.

Hi to all, I absorbed a subtle insult while orientating 3 new teenages at work. I absorbed a second less subtle insult by the same knuckle head during orientation. Then to my horror I absorbed a third insult from another of the teenagers. Then I absorbed the miles that I have travelled since I to was a horrid teenager.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

i absorb someone else's competence at healing and helping - I listen to my therapist and absorb his education and knowledge

I absorb a beautiful view of images that strengthen and consolidate my connection to the living world

I absorb being given opportunities - wether or not I take them, I absorb having a choice.

I absorbed some absolutely wonderful fresh spring air sitting in the sun on my box in our garden.

I absorbed a renewed sense of energy and spirit.

I absorbed a salmon salad burger and home made chips for Tea, and absorbed the cool vibes for making that task easier for us both.

I absorbed chickpea curry for breakfast.

I absorbed the story of the minka bird, as told in a 1940's history book.

I absorbed the story of "bila" the fire godess of a local culture.