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The Good Old Days

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There is one period of my life that I always like to go back to when I'm feeling a bit down or lost.   Just the memories that I have of the relatively short time I had with my grandfather are enough to lift my spirits.   I was born in Devon, England and in a small village that was surrounded by beautiful countryside.   In those days in the late fifties and sixties, not many people owned cars, so the roads were much safer and less congested than they are now.   What I loved most about that time were the walks my grandfather and I would take.   All of them were absolutely magical and I learned so much about natural history and the adventure of each outing was electric.   There was always so much to discover and see.   It truly was a wonderful part of my younger life.   It was one of those times that you wish would last forever.   But of course nothing stays the same forever and I found the loss of my grandfather devastating when he died of cancer in the mid-sixties.   When I look back now, it was all too brief a period and fortunately I still carry the memories that make life so interesting and special.   I only hope that others can find similar times in their lives when life seemed a little more idyllic and a lot less hectic to look back on and remember with fondness.   It makes you realise how short and fleeting life is.   I think it also gives us stabilising anchor points in our lives that we can remind ourselves that sometimes the good times have the power to shine through the times of darkness when we try to make sense of the negativity that makes up life too.   Staying well and safe and being true to our own sense of being are surely the most important aspects of life itself.   Why not take time out now and then to remember the times and people that meant so much to us?

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hello and welcome,


I appreciate you sharing your story on the special moments you had with your grandfather. It's incredible how certain periods of our lives hold such profound significance and can uplift our spirits even during challenging times. It's clear that those memories have left a lasting impression on you.


The loss of a loved one, especially someone as dear as your grandfather, can be devastating. The way you told your story is a testament to the impact he had on your life.


Taking the time to reflect on experiences that have touched our lives is a valuable practice. It allows us to reconnect with our own sense of being, appreciate the beauty in our journeys, and reaffirm our commitment to staying well, safe, and true to ourselves.