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Store Your Happy Memories Here:

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear All~

What this place is for:
This thread is a tool, a resource, and also I guess a dash of entertainment.

I’ve found that when life is grim that sometimes thoughts of past happiness can create a chink of light in the grey overwhelming press of down. They can help occupy the mind with lighter reflections.

With that in view I invite people to set down a brief passage describing some happy event they look back to with fondness and peace.

They - and others too - can then return to it when they feel the need to glean a little warmth.

It is not a place for gloomy or dire tales, those can go elsewhere.

What to do:
Just set out, as simply as you like, your recollection of some past experience that means something good to you, something you enjoyed, something from safe times.

It can be, like my story below, anything – from an account of visiting grandparents to simply cooking and eating a melted-cheese sandwich in a favorite kitchen – you get to choose.

How to do it:
Write. Write enough so someone else can feel the mood, know what happened, find the goodness. (stop at 2,500 characters please!)

Grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation are not compulsory, just write as you can – the only important thing is the content - not literary merit. Short or long - it does not matter.

I hope you enjoy, contribute and find a little distraction here when you need it.


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Loved reading your memories Shell and Croix 🙂

I'll have to try and articulate one from my youth now

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Music_Freak~

Please do, I'm being unashamedly quite selfish in encouraging you as I get a fair degree of respite from others' happy memories - conjures up fresh visions, the more distractions in my armory to combat the down the better.


Through the open blind, the early morning sky revealed no light. The air was still and warm, no-one stirred outside. It was far too early for that. The light from the kitchen spilled out against one leafy branch by the window, which occasionally moved just a little in the breeze.

Within, a woman stirs, stumbling in half-sleep toward the coffee machine, small bird perched upon her shoulder. Said bird is active and alert, hopping from shoulder to head, to one hand and then the other. Sometimes stopping to look up at his human with tilted head and intent gaze. Other times, curiously pecking at a pocket or a loose lock of hair.


Another bird, slightly larger than the first, resides in his cage beside the kitchen bench. He is too boisterous to play with his brother safely, and so one remains caged as the other flies. He is indignant, at this and at the hour of being disturbed, and has dropped from his perch to the floor of his cage with the attitude of a tiny sumo wrestler. He stares up, large-eyed and clearly disgruntled. The woman turns from the coffee noisily brewing from a pod, bends forward, gazing at her cranky feathered friend with a smile. The first bird probes her ear with his beak, and upon becoming bored with that game, hops nimbly onto the cage. The large eyes below move swiftly to mark the movement, their owner staring at his smaller brother with interest and a little consternation. The stare follows hop after hop as the little one shifts back to his human - to head, to hand, tiny feet running up and down her back - then back onto the cage.

Then coffee is done. The moment between brothers is over, and human responsibility must resume.

A fairly normal morning for me, prior to my 5am starts. For all that it's a struggle to get up that early, I am grateful for my birds and the stillness of the morning I share with them. Whatever else may be going on in my life, my time with them never fails to stir some joy.


A recent experience first....I have been cycling for over 3 weeks each morning both to get some fitness, lose some weight and just set a healthier lifestyle. This morning I actually completed the whole street circuit I do each morning (over 5km of undulating roads and bike paths) without stopping and puffing and panting. I got home safe and although was wet with sweat and heat, I felt a real sense of satisfaction. So now I am going to expand that circuit to eventually make it a 10km ride each day.

An experience early last year...I did an overseas aid assignment in Da Bia, in the highlands west of Hanoi. The village I worked in was very very poor. The usual household income was approx AUD$20 per month. I was shocked at the simplicity of their diet, their life and how little their children wore even in cold wet weather. So one day when back in Hanoi, I went to the main city market, and after saving my living away from home allowance that was given to me for the first few weeks there, I spent it on clothes for the small children, some simple toys (like balls, frisbees, building blocks) and basic first reader books. After packing all the gear I bought into a bag which I could carry on my shoulders, it weighed nearly 20kg. When I jumped off the boat at the wharf near the village, I had to walk nearly 10km back to where I wanted to deliver the goods. To see the faces of the kids and their parents as I arrived, and sat down amongst them, handing out the clothes, shoes and toys, was priceless. I often still dream about the experience and wake up with a really warm smile on my face. I am so keen to go back and do it again but would love to share the experience with a small group of others who would like to join me

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Love it!!!!

This is the best therapy ever, it's enjoyable & puts a smile on my face.

Thanks again 🙂

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Winning custody of my beautiful daughter. Watching her blossom and grow. Being there at her Honors and PHD graduations. Being there at her wedding a couple of months ago. Reading the acknowledgements at the start of her Honors Thesis :- Finally thank you to my dad. For fighting for me, guiding me through life and always believing in me. I could not have reached this point without the sacrifices you made. Made me a very proud dad.

Dear Eye in the sky~

You don't have your own thread - that I could find anyway, so I'll thank you here for sharing the things that you can look back on with contentment and happiness. Being a parent, and an offspring, can be wonderful


Sorry. Am new to all this and being a little older, perhaps a little technologically challenged. Will accept some guidance if I have done something wrong.

Dear Eye in the Sky~

First off - you have done nothing wrong in the least - far from it.

Having read your introductory post in blueVoices I see that you've battled a great may adverse circumstances and that your story is a very encouraging one.

blueVoices is only part of bb, and here - in this Forum, are very many people who would look on your tale and draw strengths from it.

Perhaps you might like to start your own thread here, perhaps in the Depression area and recount your experiences there. I know you have done so in blueVoices, however people in this forum do not have access to that.

There are so many things you have had to face I'm sure others would want to talk with you.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Being surrounded by 3 kittens & the stray cat from the streets...he was skinny & malnourished so I let him stay with us & fed him. His bony frame started filling up. He was constantly purring & headbutting me through the night...this was one smart cat that had the skills to survive the other street cats...mine on the other hand came back with injuries. One didn't come back at all...

My best memories was feeling down & having my playful cat give me nudge like he knew wat I was feeling. He was saying in cat language you can get back up its ok. Another incredible moment was feeling upset to then having my cat come & sit on my chest while I was laying in bed... Loved my little lions....