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Store Your Happy Memories Here:

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Community Champion

Dear All~

What this place is for:
This thread is a tool, a resource, and also I guess a dash of entertainment.

I’ve found that when life is grim that sometimes thoughts of past happiness can create a chink of light in the grey overwhelming press of down. They can help occupy the mind with lighter reflections.

With that in view I invite people to set down a brief passage describing some happy event they look back to with fondness and peace.

They - and others too - can then return to it when they feel the need to glean a little warmth.

It is not a place for gloomy or dire tales, those can go elsewhere.

What to do:
Just set out, as simply as you like, your recollection of some past experience that means something good to you, something you enjoyed, something from safe times.

It can be, like my story below, anything – from an account of visiting grandparents to simply cooking and eating a melted-cheese sandwich in a favorite kitchen – you get to choose.

How to do it:
Write. Write enough so someone else can feel the mood, know what happened, find the goodness. (stop at 2,500 characters please!)

Grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation are not compulsory, just write as you can – the only important thing is the content - not literary merit. Short or long - it does not matter.

I hope you enjoy, contribute and find a little distraction here when you need it.


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Community Champion

That's quite poetic, Croix. I have a lot of happy memories with my pets over the years as well. Pets always have a way of making us feel at ease, I feel.



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Community Champion

Dear SB~

I'm not sure walruses are poetic, (I leave that to the Beatles),  but thank you anyway.

You are right about pets, one can live in  house, and it remains just a house, pets however can turn it into a home (and keep you busy if you have a bossy cat:)


Would you like to say what sorts of pets you have, or had? (hint -  I I'd find it hard to believe an African aardvark - or a Mongolian zederen:)


Croix (a.k.a. doorman to cats)