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Random post but I thought it may be helpful too.

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Hey so I've had MDD for a while and treatment with medication has seemed to bring me back to normal for years, and I've enjoyed a few years of relative stability and a functional life of sorts.

But recently I relapsed into a very very nasty chemical storm, and it lasted for weeks, with the use of benzos and excersize and just taking care of myself, and an up in my dosage I was able to endure it but symptoms still got worse. I've had these nasty relapses before, last time was a few years ago when I was travelling Europe. And I found out a possible cause as to why, and the reason might seem obvious or dumb but I feel like I should just post this in the hope that it might stop someone else from going from the unneccassary anguish and illness that is depression.

I've been leaving my medication in the car. It's been getting hotter in Melbourne. And the temperatures, as we all know, in the car, can soar well above atmospheric temperature. And we only discovered this earlier in the week (me and my GP) after some interrogation, and then reading on the side of the medication box that stipulates this pills should be stored at 25 degrees or under--that me leaving prescription medication for months on end in a hot car is not a smart idea.

Well, to cut a long story short, after throwing out those medications and getting a new prescription, its taken me 3 days to get to feeling someone what normal again, and as I go through my memory and try to remember every relapse I had, it seems as though I wasnt storing my medication appropriately and leaving them in the car as a trigger. One time I had an awful relapse in Europe, and I left my medication in my luggage and my doctor let me know that is definitely not a good idea as luggage cabin experiences different presurrization and temperatures as the normal cabin would.

Last few weeks have been hell and whatever. Anyways, just thought I'd let people know to be a bit more conscientious with their meds and not be idiots like I was. They are not invulnerable, and they need to be stored correctly--this may be common knowledge. Sorry if its patronizing or just plain obvious.
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Community Champion


Thanks for your post . You make a timely reminder about the importance of taking medications.

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Community Champion

Hi bigstar,

Thank you for your post and I'm glad that you shared it. I think that it is perfect timing actually since it's really starting to warm up (or at least it feels like summer here recently!).

I always keep mine inside but I have back-up doses in my handbag that's been there for a long time, it makes me think now that I should bin them and get some new ones - thanks so much for the prompt and keeping us safe.


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Valued Contributor

Hi bigstar

So incredibly thoughtful of you to post this and not keep this amazing revelation to yourself. I imagine you must have been pretty amazed when the new meds started to kick in and relieved.

Sharing what makes a positive difference is a powerful thing. Finding people who have benefited from what you share is also powerful.

Deep thanks to you for your thoughtfulness and inspiration 🙂