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Overcoming Bipolar

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
This may be a 'different' kind of post. I want to send an encouragement to all of you and set an example that someone like me (who has been diagnosed with Bipolar), is recovering well. I'm working, I'm studying, driving and living independently by myself, and taking medications too - I'm doing so well. I also have a good support network as well, and have a mental health team beside me, as well as I stayed in a mental health rehab for nearly two years. I want to send a positive message that your current situation is NOT your final destination. You will get through this - just like what I've been through. So hold on, it will get better - there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you have any questions/comments I would like to hear it - please don't be shy.
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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi BP beauty,

A very good post and I thankyou.

I'm pleased you have weathered the storm and are on track. My only comments to add to that is that stability might not always be there and if not then adjustments can be considered that are outside the square. For example - employment. Looking back over my 46 years of working life I would recommend two of even three part time jobs rather than one full time one. Reason is, 8 hours with the same personnel for company didnt sit well with me and conflict was often and upsetting.

Other ideas are a move from city to country and planned holidays like we have in our caravan.

Anyway, I'm so glad you have "made it" through what seems a tough time and you can tap into the wonders that bipolar can provide some of us like artistry, craft, adventurism and inventiveness.