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Anyone know how to look after yourself when feeling down or a sense of learned helplessness

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Some days i feel down or a whats the point feeling i'll never achieve anything anyway.

How do you guys get up and do stuff? or even just like shower in the morning?


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Community Champion

Hi Vicbuilder,

Part of me gets up because I don't want others (incl. family) to know what I am feeling - a mask? Though where you refer to a shower, I might refer to my IT job. And it takes time to want to enjoy life rather than the alternative. Looking how far you have come, rather than how you are from the goal line. Mental health apps? You can also look at the threads on grounding and mindfulness on the forums here. There are many things you can try - ideas I have used thanks to my psychologist.

I am interested in hearing more of your story,


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I know how the helplessness feels. Currently i am feeling like whats the point. I have spent 3 years 2020 will be my 4th year trying to find practical placement for a dental assistant. The state im in is a hard for da student’s to get placement. I live in a caravan and feel like i want to settle down have a stability of a home. Oh and the major thing atm is i cant hold a job for longer than a year. Some days are easy other days are not so easy. I feel like im running out of jobs i can do as im in my 30’s and its cheaper for people to hire juniors. I am at a loss of where i go do i keep frying for placement. Cant afford a caravan park with out a job.

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Some days I cant even get out of bed and do any hygiene. I cant seem to get work, I have gained an enormous amount of weight that even pills from the doctor is not working. I fell trapped, I have a partner and yet I feel so alone and I feel like I am self sabotaging my life and I cant get out of this state. I feel like I have nothing even though I try to hard to put my child first I just cant. Depression and anxiety tablets do not work. Only thing that did start to help me snap out of this stage was having a pet companion. Mine just passed away from having bad hips and a disease (it was a rescue dog).