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Motivation as a leader

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When you have toxic team members in your team at workplace who complains to you about your leadership and that makes you less evaluated as a leader, how will you keep motivate yourself and tackle this situation? 

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white knight
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Hi, welcome 


Whenever challenged ask questions.  

"So my plan is flawed, share your plan with me can you"?

So what managers training have you?

"If you don't like my directions that's fine- leave the job because one of your obligations is to take my directions"

" I'm not here to live up to your expectations,  however you are here to reach mine"



Hi TonyWK,

Thank you. I will ask more questions in the future. I know we cannot change others but it is not fair that they can say whatever they want to say. It is my inner voice.



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In this situation, I would focus on:
  1. Staying confident in my leadership abilities.
  2. Addressing concerns directly and professionally.
  3. Seeking constructive feedback from other team members.
  4. Maintaining a positive attitude and not letting negativity affect my motivation.