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Inexpensive recovery idea - camping

white knight
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My wife and I wanted to attend a country dog show held last Sunday and located half way between Ballarat and Geelong...about 90 minutes drive from Melbourne.

We are lucky as we have a fully equipped camper trailer. But I do recall many years ago when single I camped in a tent.

Last Saturday night we used a free camping guide, a book that lists all free camping spots in Australia. We found a great spot in the hills, alone and free. The birds singing was so good we woke up early at 5am to hear them, cook our eggs and bacon and ....RELAX. There is something about camping more so than ever because social media has drowned many of us and taken us away from the basics of living. Some of us need to get back to nature even for a short time...even overnight.

So what is required for a basic camping adventure? Assuming you have a car although I've seen some people camp with motorcycles and push bikes or just a backpack if you are ultra fit.

Free camping spots book $50, two person tent $30, blow up mattress with pump $60, sleeping bag- no- take your doona, pillow- take your pillow, one burner stove with butane gas pressure packs $30 + $7 for 4 cans of gas, kettle, water container 20L, fry pan, cutlery, bucket for dishes etc.

In the scheme of things it is cheap entertainment. One of the best accessories has been a solar powered light on a baseball cap for $30, where ever you look there is light. Keep it on your cars rear parcel shelf to charge. Shower? Shower tents are fold up for $45. 12 volt shower pump $15- just boil your kettle and add to cold water in the bucket = great shower. You can get a porta potti for $100 and place it in the shower tent.

Want to move up to a camper trailer? Only have a 4 cylinder car?  Search for motorcycle campers. They are smaller and lighter to tow but most still have a queen size bed. Add a trunk on the drawbar and you can add a fridge. Mount a dry cell battery under the camper floor wired up to charge by your towing vehicle. Motorcycle campers start at around $7000.

Which ever way you do it - just do it funds permitting. It really is recharging your batteries. It can help you recover from a down period. It can contribute towards your relationships.

Dont forget to take a book. Something soulful, comforting and educational.  We have a book of Australian birds and we try to identify them. Take a telescope for the stars. Once I found Saturn in the night sky and I could just see its rings- amazing.

Your mind needs rest. Camping is good.

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Hi Sleepy,

That sounds ideal. An air bnb on a farm.
I'm sure there are plenty of scerene places you could explore.
I google search everything lol. So that's how I'd go about finding somewhere.
I've been watching YouTube videos of ppl 4wdriving to camping spots on the water, in the bush etc...seems to be a lot of ppl doing it. And I'm listening to real life stories of others camping experience's.
I'm also female, traveling solo...lots of people seem to make it out alive.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

thanks mm

ur so sweet. I hope the camping works out for u so you can take a car and enjoy nature. Sounds fun and like an adventure.I loved that farm I went to last time. It was a good mix of nature and comforts. There was no wifi but a tv in my room, which was reasonably modern. I think I'm a bit worried because last time the people on the farm were like - I can't explain it - but like angels really they took care of me. They told me I looked like their daughter! I complimented the man's t-shirt and he offered to give it to me. They treated you like family and it was so nice. I guess I'm worried the isolation could be depressing - so there's line a line to toe between being alone and being isolated.

Nature is such a healer though. It just accepts you as you are, holds you, and gives hope xxx sending love mm

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Blue Voices Member

those videos sound fun... guess a lot of ppl are tapping into the need to travel and adventure.

Lots of possibility...

Female backpackers commonly park next to married couples for security.

If you have a choice better to camp on weekdays

The quietest camps are 2 hours plus from cities.

Once set up play this video


YouTube maharaji sunset


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Blue Voices Member

Hi Tony -

Thanks for your comments and tips that was very interesting about female campers camping near couples - it does make you feel this sense of safety and I have done similar myself without realising it.
If I walk down dark places alone at night also I try walk in pace with a couple if I can find one lol.

I have decided to go to a farmstay for a few days and am trying to book it shortly before the school holidays. Some are a bit "luxe" and I think a bit pricey - depending on their location, but last year I went to one that was decently and fairly priced and run by an amazing couple. There were alpacas there and beautiful birds. The owner would bake me cakes and leave them for me every day.

The quiet was like nothing I've ever experienced... I think that is very healing. It's hard to know if I will find a place so calm and quiet but I hope I will.

will try all goin well to keep posted@!

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I used to love camping with dad.

Something special about sitting by the fire, telling stories while watching the embers crackle as they dance about the in darkness, illuminating the soul.

Food too acquires ever more flavour when eaten outdoors, a phenomenon I always pondered. Perhaps it is the open air, or the smells of nature, the beautifully comforting smell of fresh grass and the smoky waft of the fire that adds that secret ingredient which tantalises the taste buds.

We'd lay back and gaze up into a brilliantly starry sky, wondering at the universe, shining torches up as a beacon, having pretend laser swords fights with the beams of light.

We would continue talking, long after both us and the fire grew weary, laughing ourselves into slumber.

I need to escape the concrete jungle, and reacquaint myself with natural life, I think it will be hard, hard to sit under those stars, hearing the fire crackle, but not hearing dad's laugh aloud...it will be hard, but I miss it so much, even taking off my shoes and allowing the blades of grass to nestle between my toes evokes so much elation, I have to go back.


There is a problem with grief in that sense. To reflect and miss your dad for example.

There is a part remedy. Some grief you can never eliminate. Other grief you can transform into motivation.

For example. If you had children or nieces/nephews you could say to yourself- "well this camping is what my father did with me...I'm going to leave these children with those same memories". Then go out and repeat the family tradition, and of course if your dad could see you at that moment- how proud would he be?

Worth googling this-

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