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"Happiness is a journey, not a destination."


I can honestly say, that I am finally becoming more and more content with they way in which my life is panning out. I have been playing netball on and off for the past twenty years straight, and after being in this particular team for a year, I can, once again, honestly say, that this is my favourite and the best team I have ever played for. My best friend of twenty years (the friend that I was struggling to maintain a friendship with as we don't communicate often) scores for my team now, and once I service and renew registration for my car, we are going to plan a trip to Cairns (if anyone has been there - you have GOT to please give us some recommendations on what to do there!) We are going to fly there. I returned to adult school this year, after taking three years off due to experiencing poor mental health, and I am completely and utterly excelling at it! I will be completing Year 12 across two years, with next year being my last year at the school. I never moved in with the man I had a romantic interest in, and my relationship with my parents is improving. I have received a lot of counselling in regards to the man I had a romantic interest in, and I have come to the conclusion that he and his family were incredibly toxic to my mental health.


My goals now include expanding my friendship circle, going back to volunteer, getting my certificate of education, and eventually getting paid work. 

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

WOW nib! What an awesome first post to read! I am SO HAPPY for you putting your life together the way you'd like it. Congratulations and well done! 


I have that quote on a sign at my house lol. Just haven't been able to sustainably "attain" it. Even sought courses and books and all trying to "find" happiness. 


Tho today I experienced JOY, whilst living in the moment, smiling and laughing a bit too. It felt alien but nice 🙂


Aha boundaries keeping toxic ppl away. Being able to determine WHO those ppl are is a weird one for me at times. Hard to be happy with toxic ppl sucking the life force out of us. I like the phrase "perhaps you just dodged a bullet" by exiting that relationship. 


I see you have something to look forward to and your goals are written clearly. Adding a fave social sport into the mix, seems like the "Happiness Recipe" right there lol. 


What field might you volunteer in? 


Later on, I'd like to volunteer at my Church's Food Pantry, maybe the Soup Kitchen and always in Community  Gardens ofcourse lol. 


Keep us all posted and all the best for your new career! 


Love EM

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Champion Alumni

Hello nib, congratulations for achieving this as it must be feeling good.

Sometimes volunteer work can turn in being paid, just please make sure that the work you do is something you want to do, rather than having to do.


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Hey geoff,


I agree. I was volunteering at an op shop with other lovely volunteers and lovely management, and it was also something that I really enjoyed doing, but I then went on to do paid work at a small supermarket. I plan to return to the op shop when the timing is right, or even soon, so that I can gain enough experience to return to paid work, wherever that may be.

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Hey ecomama,


Don't worry; you WILL get there! And you should expect some bad days, of course 😊 


How GOOD is living in the moment? 


I have previously gone through my list of friends on Facebook and narrowed them down from about 80 odd friends to 45 friends now. It's such a good feeling removing toxic people out of your life for good! 


Yes, I was told that I had 'dodged a bullet' by avoiding this man. I couldn't be happier knowing that I have no sort of involvement with him anymore.


I going to go back to the op shop and volunteer with them. Management and the other volunteers are very friendly. I enjoyed my time there. I just need to renew my police clearance 😊